About Unicorn Tales

Unicorn tales is a small group of artists and programmers set on recreating the classic Sierra On-Line adventure The Perils of Rosella which is the 4th chapter in the legendary series.

You take the role of the young princess Rosella, daughter of king Graham and queen Valanice of Daventry.
After traveling to the islands of Tamir, a mysterious, far away land, it’s up to to you to discover its secrets and explore the treacherous land of legends.


The game features the following:
  • A vibrant 3d version of the land and people of Tamir
  • A new and improved dialog system
  • Additional animated cutscenes and closeups
  • Improved gameplay elements
  • Tweaked music and sound effects
  • Alternative endings

Time to journey once more

Perils of Rosella Remake