Playable Demo v1.1 Released

Hi all,


We have released a new version of the demo.

This new release is a bug fix release (Thank you Mike & Zora for reporting this bug), which fixes a strange bug where some of the buttons were disabled during the game at some point and Rosella couldn’t use the hand icon etc.


If the previous version works for you then you can stay with it.

But if you are a true fan and you want a more complete and bug free version then by all means – download this version:
Perils of Rosella 3D Remake Demo (35409 downloads)

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    1. Actually there is.

      It is in the forums.

      It is not a “Walkthrough” but a more Sierra like – Hint guide 🙂

      Here it is:

  1. I realize I am quite late into even realizing that a group is remaking King’s Quest 4, and I am extremely excited by the prospect. What luck that I would find out about it when they have a demo already, too. It looks fantastic, I love the style of graphics overall and have a strange fondness for the way the loading Crown looks.
    And even though it is only a demo, I still want to say that my only concern is that Rosella’s portraiture looks a little bit uncanny/strange. As if her face sticks out too far or her face is too large for her head. If it is far to late into the stages to change it, or if it would take too much work to, I would completely understand, but I thought I might as well point it out since I imagine I won’t be the only one who feels this way. I don’t mean to be offensive though and I hope no one will get mad at me for stating my opinion on this.

    Otherwise I honestly think it’s coming along amazingly well and I am extremely excited for the finished product. Thank you for working on this, I’ve been wanting a KQ4 remake for ages!

  2. My father and I play the original kings quest games (5,6,7) together for hours when I was young and we loved them 🙂 when i got a bit older I played them with my little brother and now he plays all the updated ADG Interactive versions. These games are part of my family history thank-you so much for making these available for another generation of gamers!

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