Fixed the Image Galleries



Now that flash is officially being dis-supported by all major web browsers, it is high time we changed our image galleries.


This site began with the idea to be a platform for those image galleries – they were the reason for creating this site, I browsed the adventure game studio forums and found Karen’s art, I was so flabbergasted that I PMed Karen and asked her where I can find her image galleries, when she told me she had none, I volunteered to build a site for the image galleries as such art shouldn’t be abandoned.


Since then we decided to create the whole King’s Quest IV remake and the rest is history.


Anyway, for some time now the image galleries didn’t work well, so I invite you all to have a second look at them.


Karen’s Image Galleries


I am attaching one of the last images she posted on the forums before she died

Karens last image

Never gonna give up

Today, I want to present you with fan art for our project.


Our greatest fans are our team members, they put hours and hours of their lives into this project – so all of us could re-live Rosella going over perils to cure her father the king!


So, our project manager has worked on some of his own art work and has submitted it to us all.


No need to explain it, the beautiful art speaks for itself!

Here it is:

Never Gonna Give You Up
Never Gonna Give You Up

Happy New Year

Hi Everyone.


This is a rare picture taken by the royal photographer, it is the picture of me and dad – this is a rare moment where I grabbed him from his royal duties and paperwork to have a father daughter moment…




Happy New Year 2013
Happy New Year 2013

New Christmas picture

Edgar & Rosella

I have added a fourth Christmas picture to my two last Christmas posts.


Then I decided that the picture is really beautiful and it is worth having its own post.

So Enjoy the new picture of Edgar & Rosella, this time they are in a more formal stance…

Edgar & Rosella
Edgar & Rosella

Christmas Present

Hi All,


I have posted the three wallpapers in a previous post, but I have posted them as gallery pictures.

This time I zipped the files into one Zip container which you can download, view the wallpapers using your favorite image viewer (microsoft’s built in one?) and then Set them as your desktop’s wallpaper.


So here is the link to the zip file containing the three wallpapers:
Three beautiful wallpapers of the royal family

Enjoy these wallpapers.

Happy Christmas,


Happy Christmas Everyone

Have a very happy Christmas, I am attaching the three photos our Paparazzi photographer has managed to take of the royal family of Daventry.