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Full Version: Compliments and Questions.
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-First of all, I have seen the quality of the demo, and think that this is absolutely fantastic.  It contains 250% more content and interesting options than that section in the original titile.

-Is the resolution of the demo how things are going to remain, or will it end by being increased?

-Is there any kind of a design timeline, now, about progress miletones and actually finishing this game?

-Is it still going to remain your plan to avail the completed software as a free access download via the internet?

Thank you.  Smile

Well, I can safely assure you that it will be a free download.  Not much I can say right now about progress, other than that in recent months we've been able to add a number of significant character models and animations that our previous builds were lacking.  Also, our current artist was away for a while, but should be back working with us again in a couple days.  We do also have some changes planned, including Rosella's talking portraits; which Karen wanted to do some work on, but... yeah.