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Full Version: Well Done!
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The other day I was feeling nostalgic and busted out all my 5.25inch and 3.5inch disks from the 80's and 90's to archive them before they wouldn't work anymore. Luckily they all worked. As I got to my Sierra games I loaded them up and started playing. I'm talking about the original ones, not the point and click. My daughter saw me playing and got interested in the King's Quest ones. Then I started discovering remake projects all over the web for Space Quest, Quest for Glory, King's Quest, and so on. That is how I found your project as well. I didn't even know anyone was tackling KQ4, which is probably my favorite of the series. I downloaded the demo and started playing it, and just wanted to say well done. It's amazing to me how many people feel about the old Sierra games the way I do. They were really fun and a major part of my childhood.

Now if someone could just do a remake of Quest for Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness. Smile That is my all time favorite game. Anyway, love the work you guys are doing and I am really looking forward to the final release!


Thank you, Erazmus, and welcome to the forum. Smile

I'm not really sure if QFG4 needs a remake myself, though a new bug-free version with slightly better graphics would probably be nice if they could keep the old voices.  There is, however, a downloadable installer of QFG4 for DosBox that has most of the bugs squashed.  The only ones that persist are: the game sometimes freezing for about a minute after killing a wraith, Bonehead skipping his lines when talking about Punny Bones, and Franz introducing himself in Ivan's voice saying "Igor's death must be avenged!"