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Full Version: King's Quest 2015 game
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anyone play the new one yet. It's a prequel, midquel and sequel all in one. as set in the future with graham having grand kids telling stories of his past. it seems to be made like king's quest 7 with its stories told in chapters.

first chapter had two adventures. the first was a retelling of getting the mirror from the dragon in kq1. thesecond adventure was how graham becomes a knight and competed in a tournament to get his knighthood.

i've seen let's plays of it on youtube and it's really good.

i wish tat i had the money to get it. they're releasing it in chapters i think so far.

also releasing it altogether for like 40 bucks.

Yeah, I have it.  It's a lot of fun and has some interesting alternate methods of achieving your goals.  It's also pretty funny at certain parts and... a bit of a tear-jerker at one certain point.  Not to mention, an all-star voice cast; just like Quest for Glory 4 had.  I'd heartily reccomend it.