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Full Version: Hear me, everyone!
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It has been a rough couple of months... nay, years trying to keep Karen's project alive.  But we have finally managed to make a significant breakthrough.  An artist has joined our fold and has done some very impressive work on some much-needed animations.  I won't say which ones here, so as not to spoil the game, but they are animations that we couldn't progress the game without.

Now, we still can't make any promises or announce a release date, but I just wanted to assure all of you who were still interested in this game that we are slowly but surely making progress.

And also, for those of you who are hoping for voice acting, we won't let you down. But we want to finish the actual gameplay first, so just be patient with us.

Joined the site today. Old sierra games were special. Looking forward to this one and space quest 3 and thank you for making this remake a reality.

Kind Regards,
Ben Malter