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RE: Demo feedback thread - ltcolonel97062 - 08-05-2013

Any chance your team will go and do the previous King's Quest games? The graphics are way more realistic, then the others. Would love to see them with your graphics and Rosella is very hot! Its like she's a real person. Would also love to see Police Quest 2, remade, and some of the other Sierra games remade.

RE: Demo feedback thread - Jack Stryker - 08-05-2013

I wouldn't hold my breath.  As much as I'd love to see those games with these graphics, that could take a very long time.  I think Al Lowe has a kickstarter project for remaking Leisure Suit Larry though.

But at any rate, let's try to keep this thread on topic from now on.

RE: Demo feedback thread - Rosella - 09-05-2013

About the hints - that is actually how Sierra helped the original players, if you remember - they had a "hot line" which supplied hints.

Also in the game manuals they have added hints - never a walkthrough.

But times have changed, and maybe today the fast paced ryhthem of the players requires a walkthrough, I know that if there is a game I want to play but don't have time I might peek :-)  at a walkthrough...

Colonel - thanks for the graphics compliments, we wish we had more time to remake PQ2 or other games, for now we are focusing on KQ4, when we will finish... well, who knows, let's focus on KQ4.


(08-05-2013, 12:30 PM)Jack Stryker Wrote:  

I wouldn't hold my breath.  As much as I'd love to see those games with these graphics, that could take a very long time.  I think Al Lowe has a kickstarter project for remaking Leisure Suit Larry though.

But at any rate, let's try to keep this thread on topic from now on.

RE: Demo feedback thread - Jack Stryker - 10-05-2013

In case anyone else is having trouble completing the demo, I've put up a hint guide.

RE: Demo feedback thread - ltcolonel97062 - 10-05-2013


What about the cease and desist from the people who took over Sierra? It stopped IA from making more games and AGDI. Are they letting your team finish? I know they threatened IA and AGDI with lawsuits, if they continued to remake the Original Games. Bull, if you ask me. They weren't willing to do it, so in my opinion, allow groups like yours to do it, for them. Just asking is all. Can't wait to see the final product.

RE: Demo feedback thread - Fermi - 11-05-2013

King's Quest IV was one of my favorite adventure games ever.  I was 8 or 9 years old and would spend hours just exploring Tamir.  I'm quite excited about this remake, but after playing the demo, I have one request.  Please reconsider Rosella's portrait!  She looks positively horse faced!  Rosella should be a young beautiful princess, not what currently exists in the demo.  I'm not a graphic designer, but I believe this falls in what is called the uncanny valley.

RE: Demo feedback thread - Mike0908 - 11-05-2013

i didn't see anything wrong with it. and technically she's in her peasant disguise from genesta. she's not supposed to look like a beautiful princess.

RE: Demo feedback thread - Fermi - 11-05-2013

In the original game, Rosella's clothes changed, not her face.

RE: Demo feedback thread - Eire1 - 17-05-2013

I played the game and wanted to first say thank you, so much for making a demo . I have been waiting for so long to play an updated KQ4 game!

I am also writing to give some feedback about the demo.

Pro's :I have to say the intro scene was magnificent! it almost reminded me of KQ6. I enjoyed the (Easter eggs?) like the mermaid, and the pirate ship. I found the music exquisite! and it matched the tone of the game. I loved how Rosella's talk portrait showed different emotions like fear, happiness, etc. I was ecstatic when we made it to Tamir and, I could not help but admire how beautiful the land was.
I like how Rosella's sprite is not overly glamorous. I admit I did not like her sprite when I first saw the pictures. However after some thought I realized it is better that she has a good personality and intelligence then looks. I think her being homely sends a good message; especially to our younger players. I would make only one suggestion for her sprite, and that is to make her princess sprite(when she is in the castle) a little more fancy to match her lifestyle.

Cons: I do have two suggestions to give the team: 1. The Unicorn Tales advertisement before the game looks a little static and pix elated,(This might be my computer though.) 2. In some scenes the sharks and fish are above the water.
Good job to the team, and keep up the good work!
I am looking forward to the game

RE: Demo feedback thread - lapokute - 27-05-2013

Hey guys, wanted to let you know the demo is absolutely stunning! I didn't think the 3D graphics would appeal to me, but now that I've seen it, I'm really excited to see the finished product. I didn't play KQ4 as a kid, but I have played the original as of a few years ago and this version is really refreshing.

I found the difficulty level to be just right. I wasn't particularly stumped on any puzzles, but it wasn't intuitively easy. I thought that the additional puzzles were clever and added a some sophistication to this part of the game. If you didn't know already based on the previous posts, little changes to the game make it interesting and memorable - I had a lot of fun figuring out the new puzzles in the demo.
Also, I hope you don't make any changes to Rosella's portrait! I actually think she's still very pretty! A 3-D game means to be realistic, so I think it's appropriate for her to be a bit more like a normal girl than a 2-D idealized drawing. I absolutely loove that she has different expressions - it would be incredible if the final product had voice or voice sync with the sprite animation.

I guess that's all I have to say for now. You guys did an awesome job, I'm really excited for the final, thank you so much for the demo!