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Just played the Demo - Alex Raines - 02-05-2013

Hi, I'm new here and first wanted to say hello.  KQ IV was always my favorite game, and it's great to see you working on a remake for it.  Secondly, I just played the demo that was posted and was blown away!  Fantastic job!  I'm very excited to see this project all come together, and if it continues to look and feel the way the demo is, it will be a real winner!  <img src=" width="22" height="22" border="0" />

RE: Just played the Demo - Jack Stryker - 02-05-2013

Great to meet you, Alex.  Welcome aboard, thank you for your compliments, and we're glad to hear that you're enjoying our work so far.

I would just ask that you post in the proper sections from now on though. ("welcome travelers", "demo feedback thread", etc.) 'Kay?