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Return of Sierra - daleks13 - 10-08-2014

With activision bringing back Sierra will it effect this remake from being finished ?

RE: Return of Sierra - Rosella - 10-08-2014

For all of those who wondered, Dalek is talking about:

This is very exciting news!

But like all of the world, we don't know yet what are Activision's intentions.

We will be smarter in a couple of days when they will reveal their intention at the GameConn...

But on top of my head - it won't affect our work in any bad way :-)

RE: Return of Sierra - Jack Stryker - 11-08-2014

Huh... I was completely unaware of this.  Well, if this means what I think it does (the KQ, SQ, QFG, etc. games making a comeback), then I'm not really sure what to think of it.  On the one hand, I'd certainly love to play the old games that I grew up with, possibly looking even better than before.  But on the other hand, I fear that the new Sierra might outdo us and pretty much make our work- and the work of other groups, like AGD and Phoenix Online- become obsolete.

RE: Return of Sierra - Isaac45 - 12-08-2014

I am happy that Sierra is back!

I hope that they do remake some of their games, but like Rosella said, all will be revealed. Smile

Hopefully after GamesCom, there will be a website with more info.

I sure hope that this will not affect the remake in any way. Smile

I still want to see it completed!

RE: Return of Sierra - Rosella - 14-08-2014

I am not sure what they mean though.

It seems that it will have a completely new story based on King's quest.

RE: Return of Sierra - Ellivia22 - 17-08-2014

That would be awesome if they came out with a new King's Quest game.  I really hope it works out Smile

RE: Return of Sierra - Isaac45 - 21-08-2014

Some news on the new King's Quest game:

'The new King's Quest game will not be a point-and-click adventure game, but it will be an adventure game, according to Activision's MacLean Marshall. Newly announced at Gamescom last week, King's Quest will release under the Sierra mantle, which Activision last week resuscitated for its digital, indie-leaning titles. While some no doubt hoped for a revamped point-and-click adventure in the vein of older King's Quest titles, that is not what we're going to get.

"There's not much I can say about King's Quest," Marshall told Game Informer. "All I can say is that I've seen it, and it's not a point-and-click game. But it looks awesome."

Marshall went on to describe some of the projects which may potentially come to fruition under the rebooted Sierra name. "It could be HD remakes of original Sierra content. It could be contemporary reimaginings of the old Sierra IPs. It could be stuff that's new, kick-arse, awesome IP that has nothing to do with the old Sierra brand, but will be a Sierra thing when it launches."