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Bug report - Caskov - 23-12-2014


I've just played the Kings Quest demo, and like it a lot. But I keep getting a bug report when I'n riding the dolphin toward the beach of Tamir.

The report says: in "room1.asc", line 8

Error running function 'room_AfterFadeIn':

Error: Null pointer referenced

Kind regards and happy holidays

RE: Bug report - Jack Stryker - 23-12-2014

Hmm... that's strange.  We'll look into that.

If it's any consolation though, you're not really missing much at that point.

RE: Bug report - Rosella - 24-12-2014

Caskov - did you play the lates version (v1.1) ?

We had originally released v1.0 which had several small bugs, then fixed them and re-released v1.1.