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Hi to everyone,

I don't react earlier because I'm not sure my english is comprehensible (understanding) =)

But logically the team needs to be encouraged, and I'll try to write my words.

I'm a great fan of the King Quest IV game, and happy to see a good team remaking this game.

It's not easy, and I'm sure it's difficult to remake it.

You can be sure that all people coming here understand it, as I do, but does no react hoping to see something concrete, and this it on the way, seeing the demo topic (inaccessible yet).

Many projects like this are breaked, because of a lost of motivation, I can understand it, but you will make a mistake to not continue. You have yet a music compositer, I have seen. But if you need it, I can complete that by providing to you my original compositions, that I think can be assorted with your King Quest IV remake. Don't hesitate to send me an email to send them to you, to hear and select what you need, I'll be happy to participate as I can in your project.

Best regards,


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  • Rosella

Hello.  Nice to meet you.  Welcome aboard.


Thanks Jack, nice to meet you too.


Hello!  It's nice to meet you! =D


Hi DeuStorm,

Thank you very much.

We have a music composer, but who said that one is enough ? :-)

We really appreciate your generous offer.

I put your name in my "help offered" list and will bring it up in the next internal team conference.

Thanks, seriously.


P.S. I sent you a PM

Hi DeuStorm, nice to meet you, and all you on the forum! Smile If you have any work you'd like to show us, you can use our hotmail adr;
Karen, (me,the director),
or Avi, (the web, PR director),

We're basically looking for a rework of the theme songs; the "FInale" and the "Intro",, we already have one composer working on parts of it, but Im sure you can contribute if you like. we're also looking for someone to do sound effects and possibly a composition/vocals for the credits song, but please, don't hesitate to send us some earlier work of yours. -Like pieces of music, melodies, songs, compositions, sound effects etc etc Smile