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Holiday update

Hail, King's Quest fans.  Jack Stryker here.  I wish I could say we have a release date for the KQ43D remake project, but it seems we've been hit with some more unexpected delays once again.

However... our composer has since been able to produce some more very impressive music for the game and our new animator has done some more outstanding animations for the dwarves and other characters in the game.  Some of them are even done in ways to go with certain extra puzzles that we plan to add into the game, so that King's Quest veterans won't find the game too easy.  (You may already have seen some examples of those in our demo.)

Unfortunately, our animator has once again been unavoidably detained and will be unable to continue his fine work until about five days into the next year.  But until he is able to resume work on the project, we here at UnicornTales wish you all a merry Christmas and hope your new year rocks too.  And in addition to that, we pledge our new year's resolution to release Karen's project as soon as we possibly can.  (Hopefully before too long.)

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