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Forum Changes

Most of the forum changes have been done.

The changes include (while forgetting many details):
  • Update of the core forum files. (Forum is now up to date)
  • Removal of all plugins, and installations of new ones only for the needed parts
  • Change of the forum theme (Look and feel)
  • Making the forum responsive (Readable by mobile handhelds)
  • Added a floating social bar to the left of the forum, feel free to share any post you like
  • Upgraded subscribe-to-thread/forum functionality
  • Added an option to add a video or sound file to the profile (look at my profile and you will see)
  • Cleanup (removed non-active users etc)
  • Many other small details
I still am planning on adding security to the site, using ssl (so the url will begin with https), which will enable the green pad lock at the browser level.

If you see any problem or think of any upgrade feel free to send me a PM or email.