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Sierra game easter eggs

Post here, whatever easter eggs you've found in various Sierra games.  It can be King's Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, anything.  It can also be either references to other Sierra games, or just random funny stuff to look for.  I'll start with the King's Quest ones I can remember.


King's Quest 2:

 - There is a certain tree in the woods that has a sign on it.  You can't see the sign, but if you go up to the right tree and type "read sign", you'll see an advertisement for King's Quest 3 and Space Quest 1.

- An advertisement for Space Quest 1 can also be seen, at the top of the mountain, inside a hole in a rock.  "Look in hole" to see it.

- Outside of Hagatha's cave, the Batmobile will sometimes appear, complete with Batman's theme music.

King's Quest 3:

- By the stairs outside Gwydion's room is a tapestry.  "Look behind tapestry" and Gwidion will see notes to programmers about King's Quest 4; which he'll be uninterested in, since you're currently already playing King's Quest 3.

- At the snowy mountain area of Daventry, if you drink from the waterfall, you'll be told that it tastes like Sierra water.

King's Quest 4:

- Typing any profanity words will cause the narrator to suggest buying Leisure Suit Larry.

- Inside the whale is a bottle, containing a random message that references various Sierra games.

King's Quest 5:

- In the snowy mountains, where Cedric gets caught by a wolf, the mountain in the middle of the background resembles the Sierra logo.  Click the eye icon on it and the narrator will say that it looks familiar to Graham.

King's Quest 6:

- Clicking the eye icon on a shelf in the pawn shop will reveal various items that would have come in handy, in previous King's Quest games.

- Click the hand icon on a shelf in the book store and the narrator will say that Alexander isn't interested in the cookbooks, due to his aversion to cooking - brought on by a certain cookie recipe involving cat hair and fish oil.

- When walking the steps on the cliffs of logic, falling from a non-fatal height will make Alexander yell, "Hey!" at the player.  Do this three times, and he'll say, "Quit making me fall!"

- At the top of the mountain, an old woman will attempt to persuade Alexander to eat a berry from a nearby nightshade plant, telling him that it'll give him the ability to fly.  If he does so, the death screen message says, "And then there's some land I have for sale, in the swampland of Tamir."

King's Quest 1 AGD remake:

- Click the hand icon on the door to the cloud land, and Graham will knock on it.  This will sometimes cause it to open and Larry Laffer to come walking out. (If it doesn't happen, you'll need to leave the screen and come back before trying again.)

- Use the invisibility ring and attempt to talk to either of the castle guards, to hear an amusing conversation.

- Try it on the gnome as well, for an amusing response.

- On a certain screen, eat the carrot while the goat is following you, and the goat will angrily butt Graham into the water.

King's Quest 2 AGD remake:

- Just like in the original, the Batmobile will sometimes appear outside of Hagatha's cave.  (It crashes this time though.)

- Batman himself also appears at the wedding in the end.

- Try to talk to the grandfather clock in the library and the narrator will say, "It's not Cogsworth."

- Try to talk to a candelabra, and the narrator will say, "It's not Lumiere."

- Try to talk to the books in the library and the narrator will say, "These books can't speak to you and Teddy Ruxpin won't be invented for a few hundred years yet."

- In the pawn shop, you can find Brauggi's mallet from Quest for Glory 1, the cartridge retrieval droid from Space Quest 1 VGA, Simon the Sorcerer's hat, and a 7-UP can.

- In the pawn shop basement, when you pick up the flying carpet, there will be a tag that says, "Property of Al din."  The narrator says there may be a faded letter or two in the name.

- In the note that you get from the lamp, the name Ni'Bor Si'Ma'Will, is an anagram of Robin Williams; who voiced the genie in the first and third Aladdin movies.

- In the nightingale's cage, Graham can find a letter to Hagatha from Manannan; in which he talks about seeking his next slave soon and how Mordack has his eye on a royal couple expected to conceive a girl in the near future.

- In the rock, where you would find a Space Quest 1 preview in the original game, there is now a plug for the Quest for Glory 2 remake - also made by AGD.

- In the castle cemetery is a grave belonging to Olga and Boris from Quest for Glory 4.

- Another grave in the castle cemetery references one of the following at random:

Sierra On-Line,
Anna and the King of Siam,
Arnold Schwarzenegger,
Sound of Music,
Crocodile Dundee,
Lethal Weapon,
War of the Roses,
Star Wars,
Black Adder,
Elvis Presley,
or John Bell (the game's narrator)

- Another grave in the church cemetery references Quest for Glory.

- Showing the key from the black book to Anastasia will trigger a conversation with her; in which Graham briefly talks about finding the magic bowl and encountering the leprechauns in the previous game.

- Choosing the wrong realm to teleport to, when all three gems are placed, will send Graham to either the wrong King's Quest game or the wrong Sierra game series.

King's Quest 3 AGD remake:

- The minstrel that Alexander encounters is the same one whom Rosella comes across in King's Quest 4.

- When the mandrake root is picked, it's followed by the sound of a dying child scream - the same sound that the Quest for Glory hero hears when picking one in QfG1.

- Click the hand on Mananann's desk four times, to find a letter from Lolotte.

- Getting the tile gate puzzle wrong, on the island with the treasure, will cause Alexander to be teleported to Iblis' cave from Quest for Glory 2; where the hero will be startled to see Alexander fall from the waterfall.


That's all the King's Quest ones I've got.  I'm tired now, but later on, I'll post the ones I know from other Sierra games.  But of course, anyone else who can think of any is welcome to post as well.
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Here are some more that I can remember.


Conquest of Camelot:

- In the treasury room, type "ham and jam and spam a lot" to see some soldiers dancing to the tune of the "Knights of the Round Table" song from Monty Python's the Quest for the Holy Grail.  It's then followed by a message saying, "In memory of Graham Chapman."  (Graham Chapman was the actor who played King Arthur in that movie.  Hmm... could this possibly have inspired the name of King Graham, I wonder?)

Quest for Glory 1:

- At the lake, just south of the hermit's cave, you'll occasionally see a submarine periscope getting closer and closer to the land until it crashes.  (Though that's physically impossible, since the submarine would've crashed long before the periscope could get that close.)  If you look at the periscope, the game will say that a submarine couldn't be in a fantasy setting and suggests you try Codename: Iceman, since it has a submarine.

- The wizard Erasmus' house is full of props from various Sierra games:
  • The mummy sarcophagus from King's Quest 4 (looking at it will even show you a picture of Rosella!)
  • The peacock on the table is also from KQ4
  • The airplane refers to Lytton PD from Police Quest
  • The shield is from Conquest of Camelot
  • The suit of armor is from Laura Bow: the Colonel's Bequest

- In the adventurer's guild, when asking about antwerps, the guild master will tell you about a time when the valley was infested with them and he and the sheriff did their best to get rid of them.  He concludes by saying they might have failed, if it wasn't for two peculiar tourists who helped them.  If you look at the mounted antwerp head on the wall, the plaque reads, "Slain by two guys from Andromeda."  (Mark and Scott, the creators of Space Quest; who portrayed themselves in Space Quest 3.)

- In the brigands' fortress, you'll encounter three certain brigands - the three stooges.  You'll even get a message saying, "Oh, a wise guy, eh?" when attempting to block their pursuit by pushing a candelabra in front of them.  If you jump on the table too soon, the death screen will say, "Die drei Knöchelköpfe (the three knuckleheads) grab you off the table."  The death screen messages will also sometimes say, "Nyuk nyuk nyuk! Woo woo woo!  Ruff ruff ruff!"; which are noises that Curly is known for making.

Quest for Glory 2:

- Keapon Laffin's shop has the following items on the shelves:
  • A hand puppet that looks like Rosella
  • Another puppet of Cookie Monster from Sesame Street
  • Orat on a stick toys from Space Quest 3
  • A helicopter, from the Helicopter Simulator game
  • The Starship Enterprise, from Star Trek
- In the desert, you may come across a "Persian golfer"; who curses as he misses his shots.

- Shortly afterwards, you may see an F-18 flying by.

- You may also come across the dead body of King Arthur from Conquest of Camelot; which will vanish as you approach.  (If you right click on him before that, the game will say that he looks familiar and you might have seen him in a camel lot.)

- If you throw a dagger or rock at Julanar, or cast a flame dart or force bolt at her, it will ricochet off and shatter your monitor screen; which results in death.  (How's that for breaking the fourth wall?   Tongue )

- In addition to Groucho and Chico Marx, you can also find Harpo if you have silly clowns turned on.  On day 3, go west from the fountain plaza and you'll see him walk by, honking a horn.

- Upon arriving at WIT-...

Wizards:  "Wizard's Institute of Technocracy!"

*sigh*  Upon arriving at the Wizard's Institute of Technocracy... observe the portrait on the right, of the woman in the white dress.  That's Erana.  Right click on it and the game will say that she reminds you of Genesta, (from King's Quest 4) a fairy you once knew.

- Also, right click on Merlin's portrait.  The game will say that he looks nothing like the way Peter Ledger drew him in Conquest of Camelot.

Quest for Glory 3:

- When talking to the weapon merchant and asking about bows, he'll bring up the "Laura Bow."

- The junk merchants who sell the hero a tinderbox are from the show, Sanford and Son.

- At the inn, a certain patron will have a visible amount of food on his plate - including a can of Coke.  Clicking the eye icon on him will reveal him to be Oliver from the programming department.

- There will also sometimes be a clown at the inn; whom the game will claim to be one of the silly clowns from the previous game.

- In the savannah, you may encounter Laurel and Hardy.

Police Quest 1:

- When reading the newspaper in the briefing room, you'll notice a story about the kingdom of Daventry being under siege by a dragon.

- When pulling over a suspect, you may sometimes stop in front of the Disco from Leisure Suit Larry 1.

- When Sergeant Dooley finds a chicken tied to his desk, the music from the Astro Chicken game in Space Quest 3 plays.

Police Quest 2:

- If you fire your gun anywhere you're not supposed to, the game will cut to a newspaper headline showing Sonny being committed to an asylum after going on a shooting spree.  In addition to that, there is also a headline about King Graham being near death; which even includes a picture of Rosella, though the words underneath are unintelligible.

- Upstairs at the airport, you'll find three men sitting on a bench.  One of them is Larry Laffer.

Space Quest 1:

- In the escape pod, is a button labeled "Don't Touch".  If you push that button, the pod will crash into the moat in front of Castle Daventry.

- At the bar in Ulence Flats, one of three bands will be performing there.  It'll be either the Blues Brothers, ZZ Top, or just some group of aliens.

- When talking to the sariens on their ship, Roger may ask about King's Quest 3.  In addition, he may be asked if he owns King's Quest 2.  Responding with a "yes" will award points.

Space Quest 2:

- When Roger passes out, after getting caught in a snare trap, he has a dream that he's Larry Laffer.

- Reading the wall in the bathroom on Vohaul's asteroid will sometimes reveal the message, "King Graham cross dresses!"  Or, "Ken was here!  (So was Al, but we had to repaint afterward.)"

Space Quest 3:

- In one section of the junk freighter, you'll find a TIE Fighter from Star Wars, an Acme rocket from Warner Bros. cartoons, and the Jupiter 2 from Lost in Space.

- Arnoid the Annihilator is a parody of Arnold Schwartzenegger as the Terminator.  If you take him out by knocking him into the grinder, Fester will observe his parts strewn about and comment, saying, "Never did like that Terminator series.  Good riddance to bad circuits!"

- One of the postcards in World O' Wonders advertises a place called Robertaland.

- Look at the counter and you'll see that it's full of fingerprints.  Look at the fingerprints and the game will say, "This is not Police Quest."

- Upon first arriving at Monolith Burger, you'll observe the Starship Enterprise leaving there.

- At the Scumsoft programming department, the two men cracking whips are Ken Williams and Rick Cavin; who was head of production at the time.

Space Quest 4:

- When a holographic message about what happened on Xenon is played, the man reveals that the Xenon supercomputer was infected with a virus that was on a disk inside a box, "on which the words 'Leisure Suit Larry' were imprinted.  On its back was the picture of a not particularly wholesome-looking gentleman... but that's another story."

- When Roger is picked up by a bird of prey and dropped into its nest, another bird will fly by soon afterwards, carrying King Graham.  If you're quick enough, you can click the eye icon on him and the narrator will say, "It looks as though another unfortunate adventurer is suffering a similar fate!"

- Upon first arriving at the video game store at the mall, you'll find a large crowd there.  Talk to them and one of them will say, "The Two Geeks from Andromeda are in there, signing copies of their latest release!"

- When looking in the store's bargain bin later on, you'll find a copy of King's Quest XLIII, Sim-Sim (a parody of the Sim-games), and various references to other games as well.

- At the climax, when Roger accesses the supercomputer's data, there's a file labeled LSL4 - confirming the man's story about the virus being contained in a Leisure Suit Larry game.  Leisure Suit Larry 4 was never made, because Al Lowe stated that he would never make one - so he went straight to 5!

- There is also another file labeled KQXLIII.

- A third file on the computer is labeled SQIV. Make sure you don't delete that file, or the game will exit!

Space Quest 1 VGA:

- Like in the original, the Blues Brothers appear on stage at the bar.  ZZ Top, however, do not appear unless you delete two certain files. (They'll appear as two tiny guitar players and an alien drummer if you don't.) Madonna also takes the place of the alien band from the original.

- Also, like in the original, there's a button in the escape pod with a label that warns you not to press it.  This time, doing so will cause you to crash in front of Castle Nottingham from Conquest of the Longbow.

- Shortly after Roger leaves the planet Kerona, a timepod from Space Quest 4 appears - presumably with Roger's future self aboard, since he does travel back to Space Quest 1 at one point in SQ4.


And that's all the ones I can remember.  Again, if anybody knows of any others, please feel free to post them.