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Overdue update

Hey, everybody!  Has… has it really been over a year, since my last update announcement?  Sorry about that.
Well, I’m here once again, to assure you all that the King’s Quest IV 3D remake project is still going forward.  (No, really!)  I myself, and other crew members, have actually played our current build and… while there are still a few bugs to be worked out, it is indeed fully playable.  At least up to the climax of the story, that is.  And yeah, it has taken us far longer than we would’ve preferred, but we have managed to get most of the hardest work out of the way. 
And to you horror fans out there, our composer has produced some ambient sounds that will really enhance a certain scene in the game.  In addition, we’ve also made it easier for Rosella to meet an untimely demise* at that point of the story; which was possible in the original, but quite difficult.  Ah, yes, and let’s not forget the whole moon logic aspect of that scene - another thing that we’ve done some work to eliminate.  Now Rosella will be given reasons to do what she does, rather than doing it on a whim.
*Speaking of Rosella’s untimely demises, I know I mentioned death pictures in the previous update, but its been brought to my attention that those would take quite a while to produce.   So, in an attempt to cut down on production time, while still not just showing you a picture of Roberta telling you to be more careful next time, we’re going to have a generic death screen reminiscent of what Conquests of the Longbow would show, whenever Robin Hood screwed up.  And just like in that screen, there will be commentary based on what Rosella did wrong.
One last thing I know you’re all wondering about, is voice acting.  This is indeed a subject we’ve been discussing and while we haven’t made an official decision yet, we’ll likely release the game before implementing this feature.  As I said, work on the game has taken far longer than we would’ve preferred and we’d hate to keep you all waiting for too much longer.  But when we do get around to adding it in, we’ll be taking auditions from you the fans.  Once we have enough voices, we’ll release an updated version to include the voices and update the credits to include the actors’ names.

I know it's not enough, but all I can give you at this point is my assurance that we have not given up on this game and that work is still being done on it.  We appreciate you bearing with us as long as you have, and hope that you'll continue to do so until we are able to release the game; which will hopefully not be too much longer.
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