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new here, love demo

Hi, I am new to Unicorn Tales. I really, really love the demo, it is so much fun! I have not played a computer or video game in a long time, the exception being a recently downloaded version of the original KQ4, perils of Rosella. It was fun, I like the point and click, then I found a game with the old type in words. I like the ones with icon browser menus. princess Rosella is my favorite member of the royal family of Daventry.. i first started playing the series when I was 15 I played king's Quest V, Absence Makes The Heart Go Yonder. I read the synopsis of the other games, I like games with good story plots to them. I also played KQ7, The Princeless Bride. King's Quest VII was lot of fun because of the colorful, pretty graphics that were Disney-like. I also like KQVI, which has a beautiful romantic story to it, It was really fun to play, very lively. 

Ahem, about the demo, the graphics are attractive, I like the play making it more complicated, harder to do things. Made me think. In the past I wrote fan fiction stories about king's quest and drew some fan art. I need to color my recent drawings. 

So, good demo, I really hope You all can make a great game out of this, keep moving forward!
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Thank you for your post.  Our updates have been slower than we would've preferred, but we've managed to break through most of the obstacles in our path and will be continuing our work on the project not long from now.

I might get into drawing some new King's Quest fan art and writing a few fanfiction stories. I drew King Graham recently, and a pic of Rosella with the unicorn. I need to color them and scan them into my computer, onto a website. I'd like to go to wet canvas, put I'm not sure if they accept fan art.