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hi, new here

Hi, I am new.  I am very glad to find this place.  I like the King's Quest series. Princess Rosella is my favorite character. I like this game and KQ6 and KQ7. The games are such fun. 
I like the beauty of them too. I am drawing fan art of the series. When I was younger I tried drawing papers of the royal family of Daventry. My drawing skills have greatly improved since then. I am swamped with art to work on. It will be a while before I can work on any King's Quest fan art. 

I have played all 7 games and mask of eternity. I was disappointed with mask of eternity, but their was something I really liked about it. In the beginning video, Connor goes to greet his friend or girlfriend, whose name is Sarah. That's my name, and they even spelled it correctly! I know my name is very common and popular, I used to not like my name when I was a kid because there were so many other 'Sarahs' out there. But then I realized how beautiful my name is, I am very proud of what it means. The name 'Sarah' means 'princess.' 

So, I am a princess! I had an obsession with princesses and fairytales, legends, folklore, mythology when I was a little girl. I later on became interested in dragons, and I insisted there were good "Christian' dragons, I thought I was a dragon named Seraphina Starfire. When I was really little I liked unicorns, pegasus and fairies. I collected my little ponies and barbie dolls. OK, the dragon thing started after I saw the movie 'Dragonheart'. Then I read "Dealing With Dragons', and the rest of the Enchanted Forest series, then I read Dragonlance. In King's Quest VII, there was a crystal dragon, and Etheria, I like the little flying sea horses and the beautiful flowers all over Etheria. I have always liked flowers. 

The thing about dragons was stuborness. I became closer to God. I was raised southern Baptist, my parents took me to church, but more importantly they taught me right from wrong, how to behave, how to be kind and polite, how to love people and forgive them. I had to make the choice to reject 'magic' and to accept the biblical definition of dragons as evil and of Satan, Satan is described as a dragon in the Bible. Unicorns are mentioned in the King James version of the Bible, in modern versions they are described as 'wild ox.' 

Any way, the history of fairies is cloudy, it is said during the war in heaven when Lucifer/Satan rebelled against the LordGod and took one-third of the angels with him, there were neutral angels, who were cast down to the earth, they became fairies. Actually, Satan is on the earth with great wrath seeking whom he may devour. 

Unfortunately, God doesn't forgive fallen angels when they repent, I don't know why, that is God's will, but he does forgive people, I am very glad God gave me back my humanity.
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Welcome to the forum.

I had that problem in school too.  My real name is Danny and there was often other Dannys in my classes and so I'd have to write the first letter of my last name on my papers, or write my name as "Daniel" instead.  Although I would later find out that I share a name with historical figures like Daniel Boone or great fictional heroes like Sir Daniel Fortesque.  Not to mention, famous celebrities like Danny Elfman or Danny Kaye; who starred in one of my favorite movies - The Court Jester.  (It's an old and lesser known movie, but I have a big family and we owned it on VHS when I was a kid.)

I've always been fond of paladins and rangers myself.  One of my brothers used to play the Ultima series and, when I read the part of the Ultima V manual about paladins, I thought it was awesome how they had the abilities to destroy the undead and heal the wounded.  I was also a big fan of Robin Hood, as a kid, and I've loved all the different variants of his story - from the Disney fox version to the Men in Tights movie.  Although, while Conquests of the Longbow is one of my favorite Sierra works, I didn't discover it until my adult years - the early 2000s.

I didn't used to care much for fairies, but grew to like them, because of characters like Erana and Genesta.  And while I generally don't care for any of the live action Disney remakes, I very much adore the fairy version of Maleficent and, had I been in Stefan's place, I would've probably just taken my chances living with her.