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Barbie Island Princess

I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but I like Barbie animated movies. There is Barbie Island Princess, where the heroine is named Rosella. In the beginning of the movie, her name is Ro. She is shipwrecked on the island by a fierce storm as a little girl, and the animals, a red panda named Sagi, and a peacock 'prince', Azul, take care of her and raise her. So she lives and grows up on the island. When she is a young woman, a ship arrives carrying Prince Antonio and the royal scientist and Ro saves them from crocodiles. She thinks her name is Ro because of the chest washed up on shore with her as a child, it has her name on it, but only the first two letters, the rest of her name is scratched out by rough conditions. She goes with the prince back to civilization to his kingdom. Ro falls in love with Prince Antonio and he loves her too, but his father King Peter wants him to marry a proper princess. I'm not telling anymore, don't want to spoil it.