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Demo feedback thread

Just finished the demo (which I just discovered today!) and it was terrific!  The visuals were so rich and engaging.  The visual style is very unique and different from the other KQ remakes which I like a LOT!  I felt like I was back in the 90s enjoying the golden age of adventure gaming.  I am so impressed by the talent that went into the making of this remake and I really look forward to the completed game being released one day.  Thanks so very much and keep up the amazing work!



i haven't beat the demo yet but i just wanted to say the graphics are gorgeous and i can't wait to play the full version. i was a bit turned off by the idea of 3d graphics before playing it but you guys did an amazing job. i didn't even know unicorn tales was working on a remake until last week. i'd been counting on other sites to produce the remake but there never seemed to be any updates. but you guys actually have a playable demo! i see the light at the end of the tunnel! king's quest 4 is the only game in the series i haven't played yet (actually 1-3 as well but i played the agd remakes, and kq8 just doesn't count) and i've always been desperate to play it but i absolutely hate text adventure games. i absolutely cannot wait to see the full game. thank you so much for doing a remake and great job!!!!!!

ps. though i do agree rosella is a little less than stunning in her portraits, i don't care. i just want to play the game!


(09-08-2013, 04:42 AM)anoninhk Wrote:  

i'd been counting on other sites to produce the remake but there never seemed to be any updates. but you guys actually have a playable demo! i see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Heheh... I know what you mean.  That was the exact same feeling I had, when I saw the work being done on the demo and realized the team wasn't joking about it.

If you want to see the story of the original games, there are playthrough videos on YouTube.

And if you're still stuck on the demo, check out the "Jack's Demo Hints" thread, just below this one.

Anyway, thank you and everyone else for your feedback.


Was wondering do you guys have an idea if you'll finish this game this year? or next year? I mean i waited for The Silver Lining for over 10 years and it was worth it. Although I hope I won't have to wait 10 years to see more of this game.

just wondering perhaps you could have a thread for updates? like maybe once every month or two could just say you're still working on it or something.

Cause I followed Magic Mirror's KQ4 for awhile and they also made a demo but then they just stopped making the game.


Actually, HandsFree did recently try to post a thread about updates, but for some reason it was blocked for spam.  And even worse, he got banned for it.  Yeah.  Crazy, ain't it?  The admin is looking into this and hopefully it'll be resolved soon.

But at any rate, we are still working on the game and have made some excellent progress.  So don't lose hope, friends.  I assure you, this is just the calm before the storm.

Update: HandsFree is now no longer banned and the situation seems to have been resolved, so we should have an update thread up soon.

Game-play was really good.  Extended puzzles were nice.  Felt good to figure it out having never played kq4.  I wouldn't go much harder though.  Attention spans these days are far less than they were in the 80's/90's. Graphics are really nice as well...  Except Rosella's animated face while talking.  That just freaks me out and I think it's distracting in a bad way.  I'd rather have a 2d sprite animation for that or no animation at all.  It looks awkward and pulls you out of a believable adventure-land.


Thank you for your compliments, Slyvren.

As for the portrait, I'm guessing you weren't a big fan of KQ5 or 6, or the AGD remakes.:p  All joking aside, I do realize our current talking Rosella portrait is a tad bit scary.  But we have been doing some work to improve her looks.


I just found out about this remake today, and I had to immediately try the demo. While I got stuck trying to open the chest (nothing happens after I, ehh, *use* the spectacles with the anchor), I was blown away by the artwork. I think you just need to thin Rosella's nose out a little and she'll be fine. Also, is the large direction arrow necessary? If you click the walk icon in the black, you know that you'll be taken to the next screen, so why introduce another icon? A few more things:

  • I think you should capitalize the description when you hover over an item.
  • The shadow by Rosella's feet seems a little large.
  • The item icons that I've seen (bottle, glasses, letter, whistle) look great (although they're a little big when you use them), so I think you should match the quality of the action icons to them.

Like I said, I haven't seen much of your remake, but I can't wait for the whole game. Thanks for your great work.


Thank you for the feedback.  I'll share your observations with the team.

As for the glasses, you only use a part of them to get the chest open, so there's something else you need to do with them first before using the anchor on them.  If, by any chance, you have any more trouble getting through the demo then be sure to check out my demo hints thread.


just wondering maybe we could see ghosts in other area besides the haunted house. Like in the living forest area. Or maybe a couple in malicia's castle. like you had to give them an object to keep going. just a suggestion. we only see ghosts and zombies basically around that house. but you'd think they'd be around the island more.

new gravestones could just give you clues to these extra ghosts. like maybe they could be friends/relatives of the main ghosts you help in the house. or just new ghosts.

if you've already finished this part of the game that's ok. just thought it'd be a fun idea.