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Demo feedback thread

(11-12-2013, 11:26 AM)Mike0908 Wrote:  just wondering maybe we could see ghosts in other area besides the haunted house. Like in the living forest area. Or maybe a couple in malicia's castle. like you had to give them an object to keep going. just a suggestion. we only see ghosts and zombies basically around that house. but you'd think they'd be around the island more. new gravestones could just give you clues to these extra ghosts. like maybe they could be friends/relatives of the main ghosts you help in the house. or just new ghosts. if you've already finished this part of the game that's ok. just thought it'd be a fun idea.

Well, I did suggest a similar idea a while ago: where- assuming we don't keep the door zombie- if you go into the mansion without the scarab, there'll be other more malevelent spirits roaming around the house, who'll constantly terrorize Rosella.  And if she stays in there for too long, while that's going on, she'll eventually go mad and die of fright.

I'm not really sure, whether or not they've got that section finished, but we'll see.


just replayed the demo again last night and it was fun. Looking forward to the game. wheenver it comes out. hope to hear more news about the game soon.


Lol to the Jaws music, makes the atmosphere damn spooky, as soon as it starts.. aarrgg! back.. back... Big Grin by the way was this a new addition or already present in the original game.

Just finished the demo with 30 points, although I should have lost a point (or life or dead end) for trying to take too much treasure. Does the player gets to keep one quantity if he wasn't too greedy (maybe to buy something later on, a trophy souvenir etc or for extra point!). And the whale, didn't go lookin for it but could it be the same one who swallowed the guy who wrote the letter.. no way to save him now is there! Also can the princess swim to Tamir if she didn't encounter a single shark on the way, it would probably take a lot of tries (I didn't try), or may cause a dead end (due to missing out on some inventory!).

Anyway good remake overall, haven't played an adventure game in a long time now (and there was a time when adventure games is all I would play). Played it because I heard of Karen, the previous team leader's passing away (my condolences for all her friends here). Would have definitely been interested in playing the entire game now but such fan projects I guess takes years to finish (8 years for AGDI's QFG 2 remake), especially after such a setback.

will this game have voices at all at some point?

i would love an audio narration if possible. because i just love the male narrator in king's quest 6 and the female narrator from the silver lining. They were just so funny. although it can be funny in text too. xd

but if you're not doing voices that's ok too. not sure if you mentioned you were doing voices or not. just wanted to ask.


Believe me, nothing would please me more, than to say yes to that.  But right now... we still don't know.  Sad  Still kinda struggling to put certain gameplay elements in.  Probably once we've got the game fully playable, then we'll see about voices.


ok. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

looking forward to this game. whether it comes out this year, 5 years, 10 years, whenever. king's quest fan games are worth the wait.