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Kq7 Plus/Kq7 remake?

Would you guys do a kq7 remake when you're done with KQ4? Cause KQ7 is one of my favorites but parts of it were so easy. It'd be nice to have a plus version with harder puzzles.

I mean chapters 1, 2, and 6 were so short. and the real hard puzzles were only in chapters 3-5. And even then there was only very few hard puzzles. I just remember Kq5 and kq 6 that came right before it really had a lot of hard puzzles and kq7 felt almost like a downgrade like they were trying to make it easier or something. It'd be nice to kave a kq7 plus at some point.

I liked KQ7, more my taste of graphics Smile
No idea if these guys would consider re doing it