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Laura Bow 1

I would really like it if u guys made a Laura Bow 1 remake in full 3D or 2D.Laura Bow one was nice,but its one of the nice games that were never remade.You guys did such a great job on the KQ4 Demo,and if u made a Laura Bow Remake,it would be great.I think that Laura Bow 1 was better than 2.Mostly because Laura kept dying when I tried to cross the street.SO will u guys take Laura Bow 1 into consideration? Other teams wanted to do it,but canceled it after a while.I know u guys would never cancel a great remake.

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I agree with Isaac.  I think if you guys are able to, should do a remake of Laura Bow 1, since you guys are doing such a great job with KQIV.  I hope you will consider it.  Keep up the awesome work!


I'm sure that's a project that the team would love to make, but as far as future projects are concerned, we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

I don't really remember much of the Laura Bow series, but I remember in LB2 you're supposed to pick up a card that allows you to take a taxi ride anywhere you want for free.  (Unlike Leisure Suit Larry; who actually had to pay the cab fare.  But he's not a reporter, is he?)


Obviously it will be quite a while before any potential future remakes are considered, but personally I am open to working on a Laura Bow story when KQ4 is done. Because of the nature of the game and the multiple intertwined story lines, The Colonels Bequest may be prohibitively complex from a coding perspective unless we had an entire team of coders working on it. The Dagger of Amon Ra on the other hand would definitely be doable. Both were great games.

I figured out Laura Bow 2 and won the game.It was indeed a classic.

And since it has full voice acting and vga backgrounds,it would not need a remake.It's a great game just the way it is.

I love the game the way it is.


laura bow 2 was already vga. i don't know if it would need a remake.

the first 1 having an updated look would be nice. i never played the first one. i've seen let's plays of it. and man is it hard. if you didn't have a walkthrough or knew what you were doing you'd miss certain clues/scenes and not get the full story. i guess that's the same for the second one as well.

i played the second one but never beat it. saw it beat on let's plays. xd