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Hi all

Hi all, I'm Nige.... a voice from the past guided me here so I thought it polite to join in Wink

I used to do games* but over recent years focused on 3D art and beta testing  a renderer and its various plugins, maybe at some point I'll turn the 3D into some game art

The artwork looks stunning

games* I did a few MAGS games a scary long time ago, then moved on to Flash (and met the incredible artist here) then various other engines and realised I suck at writing stories!!


Pleased to meet you.

A renderer, you say?  Like Poser or DAZ Studio?  I've done a bit of art work with DS myself.  Still kinda struggling with a few features though, like shadows and stuff.

At any rate, welcome to the forum.


Hi Jack
For a lot of years I used Truespace I think around 2003 I did a AGS MAGS game called T.I.T (Terrance Independent Terminator) which was Truespace and Poser characters, sadly long lost.. I'm not sure "sadly" is the right word! it was terrible but nostalgia is kicking in lol
I used Poser, DS, Bryce and Carrara a lot a few years ago, but I suck at posing characters and my desire to make games was on a downward turn
If your interested there's some of my work here:
All of the human characters are Daz, War of the Worlds was done in Bryce, Pictures of Lily Carrara, the two 2D looking bar shots were for a remake of Night Of The Hermit but never got past 5 rooms
Most of the photo real stuff will be Thea renders, a lot of them are beta test images that just happened to look nice lol R2D2 was the first thing I modelled in Sketchup, I keep re using him for various things.
I mainly use Sketchup and Thea now, there is a slight itch to make a game ... we'll see