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Here lies...

I haven't been too sure if the time was right for posting this, but seeing as how things have been a little...

*watches tumbleweed roll by*

dead around here lately... I figure this may be the best way to break the boredom.  So...

Given that there's going to be a number of changes from the original game, in the remake, I've been thinking that one of the changes could be some new epitaphs in the graveyard.  So post here if you can think of any good-sounding ones.

The rules:

- They can't be copied from any other game that has a graveyard. (like Quest for Glory 4 or the King's Quest 2 remake)

- They should ideally be 4-6 lines, but one-liners are acceptable. (like "Thorp's corpse" or "She done her best", but obviously not those exact ones)

- Rhyming ones are preferrable, but not required

- If it's a pop-culture reference, or a famous person, please specify

- Remember, the ghosts in the mansion are buried in the graveyard too, so... any ideas for their epitaphs are also acceptable

Finally, here are a few examples: (since it wouldn't be me if I didn't have some)

- This one is a Police Quest reference, as well as a song reference.

"J. Bains

1947 - 1988

He fought the law, and the law won."

- A Quest for Glory reference.


1543 - 1587

Here lies an assassin; whose poisonous blade
killed many a victim, till a mistake he made.
Challenged a great hero, one dark and cold night,
who defeated this madman and set everything right."

(I considered making it Minos' grave, but then I realized there would be two rich old misers in the graveyard.)

- This one is for the weeping lady ghost in the mansion.

"Betty Cowden

1363 - 1385

She waited and waited, for his safe return,
but troubling news she would soon learn.
His ship had been caught in a storm so great,
and her heart could not bear the news of his fate."

- This one is for the boy ghost in the mansion.


1422 - 1429

'Stay out of the attic!', they'd tell this poor boy,
but still he would play there, with his favorite toy.
Had he only listened and stayed in his room,
he might not have slipped and fell to his doom."

- This one I just randomly thought of.

"Heed well this advice, to all who should read,
Stand not in the path of a rampaging steed."

So, yeah... feel free to post any that you can think of, or any comments you may have on my examples.


I like them, very cool! Smile

Here's a few others I came up with:

- This one is a reference to one of the "stretching" portraits in Disneyland's Haunted Mansion.

"George Gracy

1721 - 1787

Unfaithful he was, to his loving wife,
who decided to end his miserable life.
With a hatchet in hand, she stood by the door.
And when he walked in, well... need we say more?"

- The baby ghost

"Hiram Bennett

1663 - 1663

Alas, in this grave, a child so dear.
Taken much too soon, after just half a year."

- And finally, the lord of the manor ghost

"Lord Conningsby

1589 - 1634

He once was a soldier; who fought in a war,
till he lost his left leg and could fight no more.
Retired did he, to his great estate,
till a heart attack one night would seal his dire fate."

I think some of my favorite gravestones where in King's Quest 7. They had like 3 graveyard scenes andthey were pretty funny.

maybe you guys could have tombstone references to maybe deaths in other sierra games (including king's quest games). And just give them different names. But people would get the reference.


This just randomly came to me while reading Harry Potter.

Here Lies Dobby- a free elf.

Just a thought. I'll try to think of more Smile