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My ideas.

I've thought of a few other ideas, to improve on some of the flaws that gave the original game a bad name. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy it overall, but these flaws gave me a headache bigger than Tamir itself. Feel free to say no to any of my ideas, by the way. But if even just one of these improvement suggestions were taken, I would greatly appreciate it.

1. In the troll's cave, his very presence was a death sentence. You could *try* running, (good luck outrunning him though) but you couldn't hide. I was only ever able to get away from him once, because of a glitch that made him freeze. Another time when I tried escaping from him, I got across the chasm and he still stayed right on me even though I took the board back. How did he get across without the board in place?

As a way to improve that flaw, could there be some kind of hiding places in the cave so that Rosella can elude the troll if he appears? Or, if the troll were just easier to outrun, that'd be good too.

2. The shark. Like the troll, his very presence was an instant death sentence. The moment you saw his dorsal fin on the screen, you were doomed to become shark chow before you could say, "Thar she blows!"

Might it be possible for the shark to appear behind her instead of in front of her, and a little slower so that Rosella can outswim him?

3. The stairs. Not only were they treacherous, but it was way too easy for Rosella to fall from them and die. And not just from stairs either. Sierra made Rosella so fragile that she would die from the kind of falls that her father and her brother would just be dazed a bit from. I don't think I need to say any more on this one.

4. Most annoying of all was a message that was constantly popping up again and again. "You're not close enough." Rosella should not have to press her face up against a door, just to be "close enough" to open it. John Westland in Codename Iceman didn't have to, after all. You could be on the other side of the room and if you typed "open door", he'd automatically walk all the way to the door and open it. So why can't Rosella do that? But worst of all, that message actually ruined my game once. I saved my game while on the island, after getting the bridle, but before giving the fish to the pelican; who flew away before I could. When I tried restoring my game and quickly typing "give fish" before he did so, guess what message appeared. And before I could get "close enough", the pelican flew away. Thanks a lot, stupid message!

So yeah, that message has got to go. It's just plain stupid and should not have been added in the game.

And that's all I have. Now please excuse me, while I go take a chill pill.

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