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Okay, so...

I'm going to be straight with you guys.  While we have made some nice progress with the full King's Quest IV remake game, the tragic loss of Karen has left us without an artist.  Thus, unless we can find a new artist, there are certain aspects of the game that we won't be able to include and- as much as it kills me to say it- we may have to close the project down.

Therefore, I'm going to post a recruitment thread in the Joining the project section, and would ask that anyone with any art experience please post there- or anyone who knows of a good artist that could help us, to refer them there.  In addition to that, we are also in need of a project leader and a writer.  So anyone who's willing to fill those roles is more than welcome to post in that thread as well.

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a thought if i may, there are alot of people wanted to see this remake succeed, some are artists who im sure would love to do their part in Karen's memory. Why not post a list of art still needed for the game ie; scenes or characters portraits and see if the community behind KQ4 can help as well, you all dont need to bare the burden entirely on your own, your not alone.

Say now, that might just be an idea...