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Favourite Music

So what is your favourite music selection from the original King's Quest 4? Mine would have to be the main theme.


Mine would have to be if Rosella gets caught by one of Lolotte's goons in the castle. I like the wedding music when she's forced to marry Edgar. I also like the music of Genesta's castle.

Well, even though I hate his guts, I think the music that plays when the troll appears in the cave is a particularly nice touch.  It helps make his encounter scarier and adds to the sense of urgency that the player gets when he appears.

For that same reason, I also like the music that plays when night falls.  It just makes it feel like the game is saying, "I hope you're ready for the horrors that night time has in store for you!"


The wedding scene gets me laughing every time! Classic! And that troll, hmmm you have no idea how scared I get when that music starts. LOL!