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Some Ideas

For the Troll Cave, right after Rosella gets the Fruit and cross over the Gap inside the Cave, a Short Animation should play with the Troll coming after Rosella, thus Rosella either gets the Plank and the Troll falls to its doom, or the Troll walks on the Plank witch it breaks and the Troll still falls. I could've sworn that happened in the Original KQ4 Game.

Im a story driven kind of guy and when something doesent make sense, then i would make up a story of what where how why. Like the Bridle for example, Why would Rosella go in the Ocean to find it. How did it even get there and What motivate here to go there, so upon getting to the Island and opening the Chest, we should see a Picture of a Horse with some Letter that says a Present for you my Daughter in witch obviously the Present never made it, thus Rosella now takes the Bridle.

You know whats bothering me with the near ending of KQ4 is the fact that Rosella simply walks through the Castle of Lolotte with the sleeping Goblins and a Crow flying around in witch you would expect something to happen, so im wondering in KQ4VGA that Rosella should Auto Sneak around the Castle. For the Crow, i think when Edgar gave Rosella the Key and the Message, it should say that he Caged the Bird in witch we dont see it flying around.

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