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KQ4 Remake - Like the Original

I played the KQ1VGA Game from AGDI and it was Awseome, hence i loved the little touches and new things, yet you can see its Close to the Original.

I then played KQ2VGA KQ3VGA and Loved them both, But i Hated the Father part in the Game. Everything else was Awseome, especially the Town in KQ2VGA plus giving a Story for the Grandmother and Red Riding Hood and for the Vampire guy.

I heard about KQ3VGA from Infamous Adventures and Played it in witch i Loved, hence it was Close to the Original as can be with a few Minor Extra Spoilers that wasent off track like KQ2VGA and KQ3VGA with the Father that made 0% sense.

So my question is, will KQ4VGA (if it gets Remade to a finished point) Stick with the Original. Ive seen the Demo and i Loved the Touches as to how Rosella climbed the Palm Tree and all that other small things.


That is actually a very good question.

Pure vs Changed remakes!

We originally planned on a non-pure remake where we will remove dead ends and upgrade some puzzles - thus the demo for this game includes parts never seen in the original...

But, for now, as we find ourselves without enough resources - we might revert to a more pure remake.

What type of People do you need to work on KQ4VGA and since the Artist passed away in witch you have my condolensis, would that mean the Art for KQ4VGA would need to be Re-made from scratch.

Basically what im wondering is, have you finished making the Main Game with the Animations and Characters and Voices, hence all you need is an Artist.


Mainly, what we're still lacking is character sprites and animations.  We do have all the backgrounds and most of the inventory items and such, so we probably don't necessarily need to restart the art from scratch.  Besides, we really don't want to let Karen's fantastic art go to waste if we don't have to.