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Attention all KQ fans

Ladies and gentlemen

As you may be aware, we have suffered a tragic setback with the untimely passing of our artist and good friend, Karen.  Since then, we at Unicorn Tales have pledged to finish the project that she started and release it in her memory.  However, we have so far had minimal successes in regards to finding volunteers; to assist us in providing character art sprites, animations, etc.  Therefore, we have decided to put the King's Quest IV 3D remake project on hold.  

However, since Karen was able to finish all of the backgrounds in the game, along with the Rosella sprite and most of her animations, we have decided to honor Karen's art in a different way.  We will be releasing to you a new kind of demo; showcasing all of Karen's background art work- from Genesta's island to Lolotte's castle and everywhere in between- so that you can all get a good look at Karen's amazing talent.  We're even looking into adding a way to travel to the deserted island, so that you can still play the puzzles from our previous demo.  In addition to that, we'll be uploading the concept art pictures that she made; of all the characters from the game, in case any of you with any art/animation skills wish to join us in finishing the game.  You can email me ( or visit our forum page and let us know.

We hope you'll enjoy travelling through the land of Tamir with Rosella, and we'll be sure to keep you notified if and when we're able to make any more significant progress.

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