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Progress report

Hey, everybody!  Jack Stryker here, with some good news and bad news.

The bad news first:  Due to unpleasant circumstances beyond our control, we will soon have to scrap all sound files from our current build of the game, and start making new ones.  Although most of the game’s sounds will be working in tandem with the character sprite animations; which is our top priority at this time.  

Now, for the good news:  We have been fortunate enough lately to get a great deal of missing character sprites and animations added to our latest game build.  In addition to that, some previously-inaccessible areas have been added in as well.  And as I’m sure you know, the more accessible Tamir is, the more content can be added into the game.  And in addition to content, our composer is also hard at work to spice up the game with some more fabulous music, and has volunteered to assist with the game's new sound files as well.

So, in conclusion:  Despite some setbacks along the way, the King’s Quest IV 3D remake project is still moving forward with no plans to stop until completion is reached.  So, don't give up hope just yet, guys.  We still haven't.

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