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Holiday update 2022

Hail and happy holidays again, King’s Quest fans!
That’s right, we’re still at work on this project.  And I’m happy to say that it’s nearing completion.  In our latest playable test build, the game was playable up to the climax, where Rosella finds herself in the belly of the beast.  (No, I don’t mean the whale – I’m being metaphorical here.  I mean Lolotte’s castle, or more specifically, Edgar’s room.)  Of course, we did have to program in a few shortcuts, as there were a few bugs and missing models here and there.  However, that’s going to change soon, in our next one.
This year…
- Rosella’s parents, Graham and Valanice, have had their models finished and some of Graham’s animations and talk portraits for the intro have been finished as well. 
- Rosella’s models – both in her royal gown and her peasant outfit, have also been finalized and her talking portraits, walkcycles, and throne room animations for the intro have been completed as well.  Lots of assorted animations during her stay in Tamir have also been completed.
- Genesta’s model has also been completed, along with some of her animations for the intro.
- Lolotte’s model is… partially finished, but still needs a head revamp.
- New backgrounds for Genesta and Lolotte’s bedrooms were completed.
-  The witches’ models and some of their animations were completed.
- And finally, the ogre scene was revamped with some new animations and walkcycles for the ogre.
More animations will be coming in the new year, as well as a model for Rosella’s brother, Alexander, and a new model of Edgar.  After that, all of the models will be done, and just a few little touches will need to be added in – such as the endings.  Again, I won’t make any empty promises, but we believe that this means the game should be completed before the new year is over.  Until then, on behalf of all of us at Unicorn Tales, we wish you the best of holidays and our undying gratitude for sticking with us all this time.
Until the next update, fare thee well!
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