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And they don't taste good at all! No comparison with a soft princess leg!

For those paparazzi, I let my wife do the cooking. Because they just taste awful without sauce and preparation. But I would hardly call them "food".

(29-01-2013, 02:01 AM)Rosella Wrote:  

It seems you are the real thing!

I am forwarding all of your comments (I'll point her to your post) to our Paparazi photographer.

but you should understand that it is quite hard to take your pictures since you eat all of my best Paparazi guys!

(28-01-2013, 10:51 AM)The Ogre Wrote:  


I saw the pics (of course you took pics of me, i'm so impressive! I'm the real villain of this story, the real main-event, the real dark star of KQIV! Not that fake troll we can't see at all in the cave or those jokes of wannabe witches who can't see a wood for a tree, nor that "Lolotte". Lolotte, seriously? Is it a name for a villain? The only evil thing that may eventually rivalize with me - beside my wife lol, is the Mummy, but how can it be taken seriously when it's wrapped in toilet paper? I'm telling you!). Concerning the pics, I don't need a weapon to hunt. A piece of wood is good for coward trolls maybe but I'm a powerful giant and massive ogre. I fight barehands. Talking about fighting, I look too much like a WWE wrestler and on the first pic it seems i'm about to do a german suplex on Rosella. It's not the way I capture girlies. In my humble opinion, you should keep the way the perils are made in the original game. Just add better graphics. Or more perils! Another little embarrasssement for me : it seems i had just visited the hairdresser for my blonde coloration lol. I prefer my natural black hair and beards. My glam days and old school FM hard rock are far behind me Smile Despite this few nitpicks I look scary and mighty as i should. Congratulations!


As you said, you should beware! Smile


I agree.

Shouldn't I drag Rosella by the braids instead, despite her vain efforts to break free from my grasps, her underskirt petticoat showing accidentally her legs?

Should be tasty!

Now throwing people in the stew pot is more the kind of stuff my wife prepares, or the three witches as well. Personnally I prefer hunting a struggling prey, capture her, smash her with my body or choke her to death or maybe break her bones before "the pleasures of the flesh". Does not need salt, nor spice, nor sugar. She already has perfume on her which is probably enough. Maybe stuffing her or making some sauce may add something to the meal but natural ingredients are enough in my opinion.

(27-01-2013, 03:48 AM)Rosella Wrote:  

Welcome Ogre  :-)

Took a picture  of you. (attached)

I should beware.


(27-01-2013, 01:58 AM)The Ogre Wrote:  

(in italics, automated translation from Ogre's language).

Grreeuuhh eatings !


Me Ograhhh

I'm a very kind tall and strong bearded gentleman

Scrontch Princess Rosella

I like the Princess Rosella very much. She's so classy, gentle, beautiful and mild mannered. Maybe I should invite her for tea.

Me Gotcha meat you Soon!

 Hope to meet you soon.




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