Changed the Site Look

As part of the site and forum upgrades, the look of the site had to change.

The previous look (theme) of the site was custom made by one of our fans back in 2012 and although beautiful, it was limited and doesn’t fit the site needs anymore.

One of the parts where the old look was lacking was that it wasn’t responsive which means that it didn’t present the site well to mobile devices, many of our fans use mobile devices thus the site look had to change to accommodate all of the users which want to see our project.

I will put here a part of the theme which was previously used just for good old times sake.

Bye, beautiful dedicated site theme

Site Maintenance

UnicornTales site is currently undergoing major maintenance.

This post will probably be interesting for technology geeks more than regular fans.

Our site is based on the wordpress platform which powers about 30% of all sites in the wide world web.

Our wordpress version is outdated which opens us to many security attacks, we also use many plugins, most of which are outdated.

Every plugin might open us to an attack, especially if it is not the most updated version.

So, in order to update the site, I will first take a backup of the current state (So if something fails, we would be able to easily revert to the last working state), I will then continue to update the wordpress version, then I will remove plugins which are not necessary as I take the approach of minimalism as “Less is more”, then I will update the plugins which we do need.

Lastly I will install a good security plugin for the site as well as harden the server’s security.
Finally, I will update the site’s communication security to use ssl/https so your browser won’t scream that this site is not secure.

After this site is updated to my full satisfaction, I will be able to look into updating our forum platform, but that is a post for an other day.

Fixed the Image Galleries



Now that flash is officially being dis-supported by all major web browsers, it is high time we changed our image galleries.


This site began with the idea to be a platform for those image galleries – they were the reason for creating this site, I browsed the adventure game studio forums and found Karen’s art, I was so flabbergasted that I PMed Karen and asked her where I can find her image galleries, when she told me she had none, I volunteered to build a site for the image galleries as such art shouldn’t be abandoned.


Since then we decided to create the whole King’s Quest IV remake and the rest is history.


Anyway, for some time now the image galleries didn’t work well, so I invite you all to have a second look at them.


Karen’s Image Galleries


I am attaching one of the last images she posted on the forums before she died

Karens last image

Let’s Welcome our New Member!

Good news everyone,


After some internal team members talk we decided (Everyone!) to add a new member to our Team.


We are welcoming Isaac from the land of Kolyma!

Isaac is a regular user of our site and has offered his help so many times.

Isaac isn’t an animator, a graphic designer or a musician so as he saw we are in search of an animator and suchm he just took the initiative and contacted many people in order to find the right talent for the team.


Isaac, your help to the team is greatly valued – Welcome.

welcome photo

We have a dedicated Sound FX guy!

How cool is that!


I am extremely pleased to introduce DeuStorm which chose to join our quest as our Sound FX guy.


yep, no more throwing soundfx in a whim, they will be especially created by our new team member.


So, who is he?

I am posting several paragraphs he wrote about himself, here they are:

I’m a fan of Sierra games and participation in the remake of King’s Quest IV is for me an old dream.

Since young age, I’ve been inspired from the music compositions of the series, and I have composed several music creations based on the original partitions of KQ4, made with my own instrumentals.

I’ve made some personal creations too, I have brought them nearly to studio closure, but I never wanted to finish them, I prefer sharing them with friends or for fan remake creations like here, maybe in the future I’ll have the time and passion to finalize them.
Because the team already has a talented music composer, the team proposed me to create the sound fx, it is for me a first try (in fact, not exactly), but it is such a funny task and it gives me the possibility to express myself in a new way.

The other things I’ve done are forums, like MythOfDeus which was the most popular creation of mine (entirely personal creation, I learned to use photoshop at that time), and a lot of php/javascript/html coding.

Coding is also a talent I love, starting when I was 9-10 years old on a Sainclair ZX Spectrum, making some games or applications in basic, it gave me the possibility to create some sound applications when I got my first sound card with my PC Tandy. On it, I’ve programmed a panel where when pressing a key, it makes a single note, and in fact, maybe I can say it was sound fx because some parts was creating instruments or noises like wind or other things to feed the program.

I loved that, and I created the first music tracker (none existed at that time, but some people got the same idea), it got a lot of downloads later on I decided to use trackers that were developped by others dedicating my energy to other projects.

I want to welcome a new member which chose to join our quest

Hi everybody,


Today, I have very good news, today I want to welcome our first dedicated forum moderator, till now I & our graphic designer moderated our forums, but that can’t continue, we need to focus on developing the game (and the demo which was already released to our beta testers! – but more on that on a different post), so please welcome Jack Stryker, our new Forum moderator!


Who is Jack Stryker?

Here is some of what he wrote about himself:

My real name is Danny. Jack Stryker is the alias I use on the internet (that or JStryker47) and the name of a character I created for a friend’s fanfiction. I was born on October 22nd, 1983. I live in a small town called Brea, in Southern California. I’m the youngest of 6, if you can believe that. 4 brothers and 1 sister.

I was introduced to the King’s Quest series, among several other Sierra franchises, by my brothers. They would often bring home new PC games, that they either bought at a store or borrowed from a friend, and I would watch them play those games. KQIV was, of course, one of those games. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see them play through much of that one, so when I was finally old enough to have my own computer and play the games myself, I had a bit of trouble getting through KQIV for the first time. Often, I found myself asking, “How do I get across that big hole in the ground?” “How do I get out of this whale?” “Where IS Pandora’s box anyway?” But despite that, I managed to have a good time playing it.

Years later, after having played the AGD remakes of the first 3 KQ games, I was disappointed to find that they wouldn’t be making one of KQIV. Particularly since another group that was working on one seemed to abandon it. So when I stumbled across this KQIV remake project and saw the amazing screenshots, you know I couldn’t let this one die. You might say that over the years, I’ve become a bit like Joss Whedon; since I like strong independent female characters, who can get the job done and aren’t just damsels in distress. So why wouldn’t I want to see a game starring that type of character, using the kind of awesome graphics that Unicorn Tales have shown?

Here is my DeviantArt page; where I’ve posted photos, fanfictions, and renders that I’ve made using a program called DAZ Studio:

And this is my YouTube page, currently with only 2 videos since I mainly just signed up there to comment on other videos:

Welcome JackStryker and thanks for your contribution to the quest.,



P.S. Our forums could use more fans – come and check them out

New Forums are up!

Hello everyone,


Our new forums are up!

Please check them out: our new forums

Our forums are now based on professional and robust code.

Please go there, post a thread or two and participate in our quest to give birth to the Perils of Rosella in 3D.




Moved the site to new servers

Hello all,


I am happy to announce that our site moved to a new server.

This server is much faster and robust.


Moving to a new server enables us to add new frameworks to our site like a new forum framework and more is to come.

If you find any glitch in the site (something we didn’t move correctly) then please contact us.


And as an added bonus I am presenting a beautiful photo our very talented graphic designer has managed to take of Edgar & Rosella stealing a kiss on a public Gazebo on Christmas – due to time differences between our world & Daventry we can see a photo taken on Christmas [For the tech geeks, the time difference is GMT-9 days].


Happy Christmas,


Rosella & Edgar stealing a kiss on a public Gazebo
Rosella & Edgar stealing a kiss on a public Gazebo



P.S. I have added some magical snow to the site…   enjoy.

Site updates

Hi All,

Thought to throw a small update

As you may have noticed, we have updated our site’s theme using the help and generosity of Lost Sheep Network which as fans of the king’s quest series offered to theme our site for free.


Big Kudos to them and feel free to buy from them a wordpress template, our site is a live example for their skill.


We are planning a totally new forum framework based on myBB, so stay tuned.


As for the important news – our programmers are hard on work and they plan to throw a small surprise for you all  🙂

So just continue following us and stay tuned – you won’t be disappointed!


have a nice weekend,


Perils of Rosella Remake