Site Maintenance

UnicornTales site is currently undergoing major maintenance.

This post will probably be interesting for technology geeks more than regular fans.

Our site is based on the wordpress platform which powers about 30% of all sites in the wide world web.

Our wordpress version is outdated which opens us to many security attacks, we also use many plugins, most of which are outdated.

Every plugin might open us to an attack, especially if it is not the most updated version.

So, in order to update the site, I will first take a backup of the current state (So if something fails, we would be able to easily revert to the last working state), I will then continue to update the wordpress version, then I will remove plugins which are not necessary as I take the approach of minimalism as “Less is more”, then I will update the plugins which we do need.

Lastly I will install a good security plugin for the site as well as harden the server’s security.
Finally, I will update the site’s communication security to use ssl/https so your browser won’t scream that this site is not secure.

After this site is updated to my full satisfaction, I will be able to look into updating our forum platform, but that is a post for an other day.

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