Which graphical style of kq4 would you like to see ?

The question in the title (About the graphical style of the remake) was polled on the site for quite some time now.

It seems most users prefer having a remake done in two dimensions rather than a 3d remake, while 10% of the voters prefer not having any remake, just having the good old agi/sci version.

The majority prefers a nice 2d remake which means the same quest as the original just with more colors and resolution, I totally dig that, it will be beautiful to see kq4 more vibrantly, I also hope someone will pick up the wand, and create a nice 2d remake.

Actually, two groups did, Magic Mirror (which stopped dev on it and the project got killed), and also Westend Studios, which might still work on it (I hope), although no other details can be found about that project, still, there is their beautiful video they published in youtube

But we took the 3d path which is our personal calling.

I am closing the poll, as it did its job, thank you all for participating.

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