Holiday update 2019

Greetings again, King’s Quest fans.

Jack Stryker here to wish you all a happy holiday and to reassure you all once again, that we have not given up on the King’s Quest IV 3D remake project.

Firstly, as you may have noticed already, our forum administrator has made some much-needed updates and fixes to the forum.

In addition to that though, our composer has continued to wow us with his incredible music and sound effects that are sure to make you stare at your bare feet and wonder where your socks went.  These include a certain tune that fans of a certain other Sierra series; who listen carefully, are bound to be amused by.

Regrettably, our artist is once again going to be unavoidably detained for the month of December, but he has done some amazing animations as usual, including some of the ways that Rosella can meet an untimely demise.  Of course, the pictures that would accompany the messages that follow these demises are VERY low on our priorities list, since we’re doing our darndest to get the animations done first.  Also, some of said animations that have been made still need to be implemented in our current game build, but we do have the entirety of Tamir traverseable (Although Rosella does have to perform certain puzzles, in order to reach certain destinations) and we believe it won’t be long until Rosella will be able to complete her secondary objective.

One last point I want to bring up, is that we are aware of how… unpleasant Rosella’s talking portrait has appeared in the demo we released.  Knowing this to be the case, we would like to assure you all that while our animations are priority #1, our characters’ talking portraits will be improved upon as soon as possible.  (We initially decided to hold off on this until the polishing phase of the game, but it looks like we may have some help with it pretty soon.) 

Here is a link to how she currently looks:

With that, I hope you all have the most wonderful of holidays, and I assure you that we will continue to work on this 3D remake and hopefully have it released before too much more time has passed.

This update was first written on our forums by our project manager – Jack Styker

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