Which graphical style of kq4 would you like to see ?

The question in the title (About the graphical style of the remake) was polled on the site for quite some time now.

It seems most users prefer having a remake done in two dimensions rather than a 3d remake, while 10% of the voters prefer not having any remake, just having the good old agi/sci version.

The majority prefers a nice 2d remake which means the same quest as the original just with more colors and resolution, I totally dig that, it will be beautiful to see kq4 more vibrantly, I also hope someone will pick up the wand, and create a nice 2d remake.

Actually, two groups did, Magic Mirror (which stopped dev on it and the project got killed), and also Westend Studios, which might still work on it (I hope), although no other details can be found about that project, still, there is their beautiful video they published in youtube

But we took the 3d path which is our personal calling.

I am closing the poll, as it did its job, thank you all for participating.

Opening the game to all Graphic Designers!

We have amazing news.

creative photo

We are opening the game to any graphic designer who wishes to be a part of it.

YES, today we decided to let everybody contribute their part small as big in this game.

We have listed a list of all needed graphic parts of the game we still need artists to develop, and anyone can create one or more of those and submit them to us.


Of course we will have a standard to achieve so some of the art will need some modifications, but just give it a shot and be a part of our growing team.


Of course all contributers will be listed in the credits as well as other well deserved bonuses will be granted to those contributing.


Alas for talking lets get creative:

Click here for the details

Trailer to the new King’s Quest game by Sierra

Hi all,

kings quest photo

Activision has recently decided to revive Sierra.

One of their first attempts is recruting “The odd gentelmen” game studio to build a new King’s Quest Game!

The new game will focus on King Graham telling the King’s Quest story to his granddaughter Gwendolyn.


They will probably create this game in episodes (selling and distributing this games in parts), and as it seems from the trailer the graphics look amazing, the gameplay much more fast paced and my guess from the trailer is that the game will focus on the plot of the first King’s Quest game.


So without further ado here is the trailer

Every fan has to do his part!

This is a direct quote from one of our more dedicated fans.


This fan named Isaac45 is one of many of King’s Quest fans, and when he heard our call for help (needing an artist) he came full speed ahead, gave some ideas where we can find someone, and then continued ahead and contacted someone he thought could help us!


When I thanked him he replied:

Every fan has to do his part! 


thank you photo

And you know what – he is right, our whole group dedicate their precious hours, hard work and even some money to this goal, and we as a group don’t earn a dime.



But you know what – it is worth it, because we get something much bigger than money or recognition, we get to remake this wonderful game which should find it’s suitable place, and we will get to make many fans – Exactly like us! happy.


So you are part of the team as we are, feel free to participate in the forums, throw encouragements, and help if needed wherever you can, because like us – you also are included in Isaac’s applaudible sentence:

Every fan has to do his part! 

King’s Quest IV Remakes

In a previous post I wrote about the King Quests Remakes which were released by different parties.

In this post i want to write about the remakes to the fourth game: The perils of Rosella.


King’s Quests 1 and 2 were remade by AGDI, King’s Quest 3 was remade twice!

by infamous adventures and by AGDI.


King’s Quest IV is being remade by three different parties!

First of all – by us – Unicorn Tales, we are remaking the game in 3D graphics, the development is steady and we are going to release a fully playable demo “mini” game which will include a real scenario from the game with all of its elements like video parts, music, soundfx, inventory, puzzles and even an easter egg or two.

The second party creating kq4 is Magic Mirror Games which were actually the first party to attempt the remake.

Although their forums aren’t so responsive, and no new news appear in their site, they claim to not abandon the project, but to keep a consistent development although a slow one, they claim to remake kq4 in two flavors, the first remake will be true to the original while their next release will be king’s quest IV Plus which will add more to the game.

The third party is Nightfable and Westend studios which wrote on their site that they want to create an extended version to King’s Quest IV containing new locations and more.


I personally follow all of the projects and will love to play them all, so I wish our “competitors” – good luck.


I can’t say anything yet about the other games, but as I have seen the graphics and the gameplay of our version i can testify that the wait will be well justified, our 3D graphics are stunning, and the gameplay is really enhanced, we intent to remove all dead ends and make the game more enjoyable.


Stay tuned and you will be well rewarded.

We have a dedicated Sound FX guy!

How cool is that!


I am extremely pleased to introduce DeuStorm which chose to join our quest as our Sound FX guy.


yep, no more throwing soundfx in a whim, they will be especially created by our new team member.


So, who is he?

I am posting several paragraphs he wrote about himself, here they are:

I’m a fan of Sierra games and participation in the remake of King’s Quest IV is for me an old dream.

Since young age, I’ve been inspired from the music compositions of the series, and I have composed several music creations based on the original partitions of KQ4, made with my own instrumentals.

I’ve made some personal creations too, I have brought them nearly to studio closure, but I never wanted to finish them, I prefer sharing them with friends or for fan remake creations like here, maybe in the future I’ll have the time and passion to finalize them.
Because the team already has a talented music composer, the team proposed me to create the sound fx, it is for me a first try (in fact, not exactly), but it is such a funny task and it gives me the possibility to express myself in a new way.

The other things I’ve done are forums, like MythOfDeus which was the most popular creation of mine (entirely personal creation, I learned to use photoshop at that time), and a lot of php/javascript/html coding.

Coding is also a talent I love, starting when I was 9-10 years old on a Sainclair ZX Spectrum, making some games or applications in basic, it gave me the possibility to create some sound applications when I got my first sound card with my PC Tandy. On it, I’ve programmed a panel where when pressing a key, it makes a single note, and in fact, maybe I can say it was sound fx because some parts was creating instruments or noises like wind or other things to feed the program.

I loved that, and I created the first music tracker (none existed at that time, but some people got the same idea), it got a lot of downloads later on I decided to use trackers that were developped by others dedicating my energy to other projects.

King’s Quests Remakes status

Hi All,

The King’s Quest series were great games which we all remember fondly, but they have aged and many aspects of them are outdated.

Hence – Remakes.

The first to boldly go where none have gone before were AGD Interactive, remaking King’s quest 1 & Kings Quest 2 and the newly remade King’s quest 3.

During those years Infamous adventures have gone on the quest to remake King’s Quest 3, and in 2006 have successfully fulfilled their mission, while promising at the beginning of this year to release a new gold edition with improved graphics.

They are currently in production of a game they call “Kingdom of Sorrow” which will take place somewhere in Daventry.


Yes, that makes two remakes of king’s quest 3…


Which leaves us with a remake to King’s Quest IV – The Perils of Rosella.

What is the status of KQ4 remake – on that and other things on our next posts.



Perils of Rosella Remake