Every fan has to do his part!

This is a direct quote from one of our more dedicated fans.


This fan named Isaac45 is one of many of King’s Quest fans, and when he heard our call for help (needing an artist) he came full speed ahead, gave some ideas where we can find someone, and then continued ahead and contacted someone he thought could help us!


When I thanked him he replied:

Every fan has to do his part! 


thank you photo

And you know what – he is right, our whole group dedicate their precious hours, hard work and even some money to this goal, and we as a group don’t earn a dime.



But you know what – it is worth it, because we get something much bigger than money or recognition, we get to remake this wonderful game which should find it’s suitable place, and we will get to make many fans – Exactly like us! happy.


So you are part of the team as we are, feel free to participate in the forums, throw encouragements, and help if needed wherever you can, because like us – you also are included in Isaac’s applaudible sentence:

Every fan has to do his part! 

4 Replies to “Every fan has to do his part!”

  1. Keep it up, guys!! You’re keeping the good old days of Adventure Gaming alive for all us fans who still love the genre, waiting quietly for this sort of amazing project to come full-circle!

    Thank you so much!!

  2. What positions are still open? I’m not sure how I can help, but I’ll happily do whatever I can to help get this out there.

    Because… well…. I wanna play!!!

    1. Thank you!

      Our most needed talent is a good graphic designer.

      But even if you are not, just be around, throw nice comments and keep the place alive – those allways give us motivations 🙂

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