I am happy to introduce Ellivia – our new Script writer

Hi all,


I have good news,

Ellivia has joined our team as our new Script writer.

script photo

What is a script writer?

Well, you will notice her work in every step of the game as she writes all of the scripts in the game, for example, when you click on the hand icon then click on a tree – you will get a response, and while you may get a plain response like “Can’t do that”, a good script writer will make it much more fun and may write a witty response, a clue about the real click one should try or anything else.


Here is her first work – enjoy:

Path to Lolotte’s castle


Touch: You are too far away

Speak: Castles don’t talk


Touch: You bend down to feel the rough path. A few rocks break loose and fall to the chasm below. You better watch your step.

Speak: You get no response.


Touch: You don’t need to touch the trees. Besides, they’re too far away.

Speak: Your voice echoes all around you. You get no response

Rosella: I’m alone

Person Icon: When you walk to the edge of the path, your foot slips under the unstable rock.

Rosella:Uh Oh

Unable to regain your balance, you slip off the path and fall to your death.


Look: The forest of green trees below you remind you fondly of Daventry.


Touch: You raise your hands up to the sky. A warm breeze passes through your fingers

Speak: The birds in the sky chirp back energetically

Look: The sky is a beautiful shade of light blue. The weather is perfect.