King Graham is still sick, so Rosella continues her quest to find the magical fruit

Yes, we are still here.

Magical fruit photo

We¬†had a big draw back when Karen died as she was the project leader and main graphic artist, yes, we almost despaired and closed the project, but NO we didn’t give up.


As a team we decided to continue the quest in Karen’s memory, our forum administrator – Jack stood up and took the role of project leader.

One of our fans Ellivia, joined the team to help with the scripts.


And so the quest continues – stay tuned!


2 Replies to “King Graham is still sick, so Rosella continues her quest to find the magical fruit”

  1. It is very sad indeed that Karen has passed, she was a very good friend of mine and fellow game designer.
    She always had a very cheerful countenance, Good advice and a great and uplifting spirit.
    I’m positive that she will be in heaven, nevertheless this tragedy reaches the depth’s of my heart with agony.
    She will be greatly missed, :'(

    I had talked to her in the past about helping with beta testing and various technical details.
    As a fellow 3D graphics designer I would like to help with the project in the future.

    I have several pressing issues to deal with currently in life, but when I get some extra time I would surely like to help finish some of the 3d graphic design to see this game completed, It was always quite the spectacle among the entire AGS community and quite worthy of mine and the rest of the community.

    God bless you all and R.I.P Karen, You are dearly missed sweetie :'(

    1. Thank you for continuing this project, I await with love to receive this gift. I have waited a very long time to see this game remembered.
      Thank you Kerin for the last years of your life.
      wish you where still with us.

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