Fixed the Image Galleries



Now that flash is officially being dis-supported by all major web browsers, it is high time we changed our image galleries.


This site began with the idea to be a platform for those image galleries – they were the reason for creating this site, I browsed the adventure game studio forums and found Karen’s art, I was so flabbergasted that I PMed Karen and asked her where I can find her image galleries, when she told me she had none, I volunteered to build a site for the image galleries as such art shouldn’t be abandoned.


Since then we decided to create the whole King’s Quest IV remake and the rest is history.


Anyway, for some time now the image galleries didn’t work well, so I invite you all to have a second look at them.


Karen’s Image Galleries


I am attaching one of the last images she posted on the forums before she died

Karens last image

Never gonna give up

Today, I want to present you with fan art for our project.


Our greatest fans are our team members, they put hours and hours of their lives into this project – so all of us could re-live Rosella going over perils to cure her father the king!


So, our project manager has worked on some of his own art work and has submitted it to us all.


No need to explain it, the beautiful art speaks for itself!

Here it is:

Never Gonna Give You Up
Never Gonna Give You Up

King Graham is still sick, so Rosella continues her quest to find the magical fruit

Yes, we are still here.

Magical fruit photo

We had a big draw back when Karen died as she was the project leader and main graphic artist, yes, we almost despaired and closed the project, but NO we didn’t give up.


As a team we decided to continue the quest in Karen’s memory, our forum administrator – Jack stood up and took the role of project leader.

One of our fans Ellivia, joined the team to help with the scripts.


And so the quest continues – stay tuned!


Our heart was taken


Today I am the bearer of very sad news.

Our most beloved graphic designer had some health problems which took her to the hospital, and after several days she was taken from us permanently.

Actually, to call Karen only “our graphic designer” is to really belittle her part in our project.

Karen was the heart of this project, she began the project and all of the team just joined her.

Karen began by joining Magic Mirror Games which is the company which wanted to create “The perils of Rosella” in 2d graphics, after creating most of the 2d graphics for the Magic Mirror company she left them to continue the game without her (Unfortunately, they have stopped developing the game several months ago).

Karen’s love for “The Perils of Rosella” didn’t stop there though, so she continued on her own, this time by developing 3d graphics for the game – just to see how the game will look in 3d.


I saw her graphics and was amazed by the beauty of her graphics – I knew that to leave those graphics in forum posts without giving them a chance to bloom as a full blown game will be really unjust.


So we created our team, while our heart and dreamer was Karen.


She was everywhere, working many hours a day, creating backgrounds, walkovers, sprites, site graphics – for every need – Karen was there.

This is her project, she started it, was the heart of it and pushed it forward, but above all this was her dream and she literally gave her life essence to it.


While talking to her she thought about the name of our team UnicornTales – She was everywhere, she still is everywhere, her essence is all over our game and site.


But more than just the game heart, Karen was a very dear friend of mine and of other team members, I talked to her regularly, we shared a special bond created by a joined vision, and shared creation of this game.

Karen was a gentle person, she knew what she wanted and guided the project with a gentle touch, I cared a lot for her, and her passing is a very big loss to the community, to the team and to me (and other team members) personally.


Some of Karen’s work:
Lots of graphics at Magic Mirror Games Studio for the 2d remake of King’s Quest 4

All of our main 3d graphics which a part of them can be found at our Image galleries

Actually she created 3d graphics for several King’s quest games – I put some of it in our galleries too:
King’s Quest V

King’s Quest III

Misc King’s Quest Graphics


She helped with creating King’s Quest IX – the Silver Lining by Phoenix online Studios, and her print is visible there too.

Karen also helped create the graphics for The Heroine Quest by Crystal Shard


Karen, your absence makes my heart yonder.


Avi & Team


Today is a very sad day for all King’s Quest fans

Hi everyone,


Today is a sad day for me and I assume for all King’s Quest fans.

Today I saw Magic Mirror’s post about stopping the development on their remake of King’s Quest IV – the perils of Rosella 2D.


Magic Mirror Games were the first group to go for a remake of KQ4, they planned of doing two remakes, the first one was planned to be a “True” remake which means the same good old game but with beautiful graphics, and they planned also another game – another KQ4 remake with plot and puzzles enhancements.


As a matter of a fact, our talented graphic designer was one of their main graphic designers till she decided to remake the game in beautiful 3D graphics – thus creating our group and game.

But their 2D game’s development stopped its development “indefinitely” since 22/07/2013.


It may seem to some of you that our groups are at war with each other, but the truth couldn’t be farther away, as yourselves, we also are fans of the King’s Quest series, and we want them to be revived, we created a full project for that purpose and we rejoice with any other group which holds this cause true to their hearts.


And so we “mourn” for the loss of this remake.


But this event only makes us take our work more seriously, now that one remake is down, we can’t depend on it, so we must continue our quest knowing that fans need us now more than ever.



On the bright side – they did mention in their post that if any other group wants to take over they are willing and able to pass it on, so if you are enthusiastic about The Perils of Rosella – Then take the lead, try and group yourself, use the existing resources and continue from there.

We promise to help as much as we can!

Demo is nearly here – what holds us back?

I get emails asking me what is holding back the demo.


I truly understand the anticipation, but development takes time – especially when developing the first release of the game, there are so many small touches which our team polishes, adds, removes etc.

I do want to share good news though, but i won’t post a release date because we don’t want to disappoint any fan.


But the demo will arrive to it’s final glory in the near future.

What are our latest setbacks?

Well, we wanted the demo to happen on the island in the middle of the sea where Rosella should find … (Sorry, no spoilers here) so, we had to have several different sprites of Rosella – Walking Rosella, swimming Rosella etc and we found a glitch because the game engine expects all of the Rosella sprites to be the same size, but swimming Rosella is not as high a sprite as walking Rosella.


Another problem was that we wanted to have beautiful portraits of the talking characters, but it seems that our game engine has problems with alpha masks which means that there is a problem with making the portraits somewhat transparent – so we have to change that too.

We had also some debate about the whole scoring system – should the player get points for everything he does in the game or just for the quest developing actions?


Will the scoring method be the same for the full game and the demo?

What do you think?


These are only several small problems we encountered, we had many of them, but have managed to crack the big majority of them so stay tuned…

King’s Quest IV Remakes

In a previous post I wrote about the King Quests Remakes which were released by different parties.

In this post i want to write about the remakes to the fourth game: The perils of Rosella.


King’s Quests 1 and 2 were remade by AGDI, King’s Quest 3 was remade twice!

by infamous adventures and by AGDI.


King’s Quest IV is being remade by three different parties!

First of all – by us – Unicorn Tales, we are remaking the game in 3D graphics, the development is steady and we are going to release a fully playable demo “mini” game which will include a real scenario from the game with all of its elements like video parts, music, soundfx, inventory, puzzles and even an easter egg or two.

The second party creating kq4 is Magic Mirror Games which were actually the first party to attempt the remake.

Although their forums aren’t so responsive, and no new news appear in their site, they claim to not abandon the project, but to keep a consistent development although a slow one, they claim to remake kq4 in two flavors, the first remake will be true to the original while their next release will be king’s quest IV Plus which will add more to the game.

The third party is Nightfable and Westend studios which wrote on their site that they want to create an extended version to King’s Quest IV containing new locations and more.


I personally follow all of the projects and will love to play them all, so I wish our “competitors” – good luck.


I can’t say anything yet about the other games, but as I have seen the graphics and the gameplay of our version i can testify that the wait will be well justified, our 3D graphics are stunning, and the gameplay is really enhanced, we intent to remove all dead ends and make the game more enjoyable.


Stay tuned and you will be well rewarded.

Perils of Rosella Remake