Holiday Update 2023

Greetings once again, fellow King’s Quest fans!
I’m sorry to report that our project was not completed by the end of this year after all, BUT…  I am happy to report that there has still been some significant progress since last year.  Most importantly, we’ve finally managed to get over the biggest hurdle in our way, and finish all of the character models that were missing from the game – thanks to the help of some highly talented artists, willing to assist us in helping honor Karen’s memory, by finishing the project she started.  We were also able to get some much-needed edits done on Valanice and Lolotte. 
Other assets for the game’s introduction and ending have been completed as well.  These include environmental animations for the introduction, animations for the witches in the skull cave, and some of Genesta and Rosella’s interactions on the beach – during both the intro and ending.  The introduction is also nearly completed, with just a few animations needing to be done. 
In addition to that, we were able to get lots of GUI completed for the game and inserted into it – all except for the death screen; which will be a bit reminiscent of the commentaries that Robin Hood or Sonny Bonds would face, when screwing up in their respective games.  Aside from that, all other GUIs are done.
One last thing I’ll tell you about, while trying not to spoil, is that some of the game’s scenes will be enhanced, such as a certain one in which Rosella does something she’s not supposed to.  Some of those enhanced scenes will also include interactive conversations, in which Rosella may need to heed the words of Johnny Rivers and be careful what she says, to avoid giving herself away, or else she may not live to see tomorrow.
That said, we do intend to take a break as usual, this holiday season.  But we expect work to resume in approximately early February.  I’m not going to promise that the game will be completed in 2024, but that is looking pretty likely so far.  Until then, we hope you’ll continue to bear with us and have a fabulous holiday as well.

Year Summary by Jack Stryker

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