Today is a very sad day for all King’s Quest fans

Hi everyone,


Today is a sad day for me and I assume for all King’s Quest fans.

Today I saw Magic Mirror’s post about stopping the development on their remake of King’s Quest IV – the perils of Rosella 2D.


Magic Mirror Games were the first group to go for a remake of KQ4, they planned of doing two remakes, the first one was planned to be a “True” remake which means the same good old game but with beautiful graphics, and they planned also another game – another KQ4 remake with plot and puzzles enhancements.


As a matter of a fact, our talented graphic designer was one of their main graphic designers till she decided to remake the game in beautiful 3D graphics – thus creating our group and game.

But their 2D game’s development stopped its development “indefinitely” since 22/07/2013.


It may seem to some of you that our groups are at war with each other, but the truth couldn’t be farther away, as yourselves, we also are fans of the King’s Quest series, and we want them to be revived, we created a full project for that purpose and we rejoice with any other group which holds this cause true to their hearts.


And so we “mourn” for the loss of this remake.


But this event only makes us take our work more seriously, now that one remake is down, we can’t depend on it, so we must continue our quest knowing that fans need us now more than ever.



On the bright side – they did mention in their post that if any other group wants to take over they are willing and able to pass it on, so if you are enthusiastic about The Perils of Rosella – Then take the lead, try and group yourself, use the existing resources and continue from there.

We promise to help as much as we can!