Doing good is infecting

As you know, our project is creating a game from fans to fans.

This project is about doing good!  Our team works relentlessly on this game so it will be beautiful and fun to play.

I applaud the team and admire the team’s good will and as one of the team I look for places where I can do good.

I want to tell you about one such place.

We are using a game engine called AGS to build the game, this engine is great for building quest games but in order to show in-game video cutscenes it uses a video codec called “Theora” which compresses very large video files to small files which we can embed into the game without losing much video quality, so a 15 seconds video will take only about 700kb of disk space instead of 90 mega bytes!

The problem with this Video codec is that it doesn’t have a simple tool which will enable our graphic designer to work with it – the most decent application I found for this codec is a command line tool which works great but still is … commandline.

Not all of us are good with command line tools, so I developed a graphical wrapper around that command line application which is very simple, does the work with the best results and is a no brainer.

Of course I have released this tool to the pulic (of course for free) because…

Doing good is infectious!

By the way, click here to find the Video to Theora converter tool

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  1. Interesting information, but as a person with a blog I have suggestion for you: I think it would do your site better if you committed to posting once a week. People want more information. Even if it’s just tiny bits or an image or polls or a topic to start conversations (For ex. What was your favorite part of King’s Quest IV? Who are you most excited to hear voiced?). It will build hype up for this production. I’ve been hoping for a remake of this game since AGS remade King’s Quest I and II. I know there are others anxious for this game out there, but because there is such little information and no guarantee I’ll get any more info on a regular basis, I barely visit this site. I haven’t been on in four months. This was a problem with Magic Mirror and hopefully you guys will follow through with this project. I’m excited for this remake and it already looks like you are farther than them than when they threw in the towel. So just a suggestion. Keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to the finished project. 🙂

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