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Team recruitment thread

Listen up, everyone.  We're going to need all the help we can get, if we're going to acquire all the necessary art that we need to finish this game.  Therefore, I'm going to post a list of all the things that we currently have and still need, for any volunteers willing to assist us.

Obviously, this is going to be full of spoilers for those of you who haven't played the original game, so I'll post a link to a playthrough of the original game:

In addition to that, here is a link to our demo in action, for those of you who have had trouble downloading it:

Update: Oops... I forgot to include this video- a 2-parter- of all the ways that Rosella can die in the original game:

If you need any more information, such as the concept art that we have of various characters, please send me a private message.

Now then, the list...

what we have:
ogre walking
ogre sleeping
ogre portrait
ogress walking'
ogress doing something that I don't recognize
ogress with deer
ogress portrait
cupid with bow
cupid without bow
cupid swimming
minstrel portrait
minstrel walking
minstrel with lute
minstrel with book
fisherman portrait
fisherman's wife portrait
rosella walking
rosella walking in water
rosella swimming
rosella throwing fish
rosella taking something
rosella blowing whistle
rosella on dolphin
rosella giving something
rosella throwing ball
rosella picking something up
rosella picking up frog
rosella holding frog
rosella kissing frog
rosella picking up ball (?)
rosella turning into frog
rosella playing flute
rosella playing lute
rosella throwing bone
rosella attacked by dog
rosella drowning
rosella shooting bow left/right
rosella portraits
rosella climbing palmtree
goon walking
hen walking
hen eating/picking
pelican sitting
pelican flying
pelican flying with fish
pelican closeup
dolphin jumping
dolphin waiting
dolphin swimming
shark swimming
shark catching rosella
misc fish'
bottle in ocean
genesta's island from far
dog walking
dog attacking rosella
unicorn walking
unicorn turning
unicorn idle
unicorn with bridle
frog sitting
frog jumping
frog turning into prince
prince walking
fairy 1
fairy 2
magic mirror intro
genesta in mirror
valanice walking
valanice shocked
alexander walking
graham walking
rosella in white gown
water animations
edgar walking
edgar climbing stairs with rose
edgar standing
edgar leaving
lolotte on throne
door opening dwarfhouse
smoke from dwarfhouse
waterwheel dwarfhouse
door genesta opening
curtains genesta
leopard genesta
peacock feather
doors opening in lolotte's castle
candles burning in Daventry
doors opening in Daventry
fireplace in Daventry
wait cursor (crown)

what we still need:
ogre catching rosella
ogre dragging rosella
ogress catching rosella
ogress holding rosella
ogress stirring
pan walking
pan playing flute
pan playing lute
pan dancing with flute
pan dancing with lute
fisherman walking with pole
fisherman walking without pole
fisherman drinking
fisherman's wife walking with pole
fisherman's wife walking without pole
fisherman's wife at table
genesta flying
dwarf1 walking
dwarf2 walking
dwarf3 walking
dwarf4 walking
dwarf5 walking
dwarf6 walking
dwarf7 walking
dwarf6 mad
dwarf1 walking with soup
dwarf2 walking with soup
dwarf3 walking with soup
dwarf4 walking with soup
dwarf5 walking with soup
dwarf6 walking with soup
dwarf7 walking with soup
dwarf1 eating
dwarf2 eating
dwarf3 eating
dwarf4 eating
dwarf5 eating
dwarf6 eating
dwarf7 eating
dwarf1 in mine
dwarf2 in mine
dwarf3 in mine
dwarf4 in mine
dwarf5 in mine
dwarf6 in mine
dwarf7 in mine
rosella crawling
rosella in vortex (by whale)
rosella shooting bow front/back
rosella swinging axe
rosella slipping
rosella falling
rosella landing
rosella landing in water
rosella start to crawl
rosella walking with goons
rosella flying with goons
rosella sweeping
rosella cleaning
rosella eating soup
rosella with broom
dust (?)
rosella becomes zombie
zombie-rosella rising
zombie-rosella walking
rosella playing organ
rosella climbing attick ladder
rosella bitten by snake
rosella ready to jump
rosella jumping
rosella landing after jump
rosella sinking in swamp
rosella using feather
rosella climbing tongue
rosella falling from tongue
rosella fishing
rosella walking in cave (maybe not needed?)
rosella with lantern
lantern light
rosella kneeling in cave
rosella crawling in cave
goon flying
goon landing
goon catching rosella
zombie1 walking
zombie2 walking
zombie3 walking
zombie4 walking
zombie5 walking
robin with worm
misc birds
whale rising
whale swimming
whale going under
rosella in black with goon (bad wedding)
rosella in black alone
edward wedding
edward and rosella kissing
rosella falling during wedding (?)
goon misister at wedding
lollote at wedding
raven flying
raven sitting
fairy 3
fairy 4
fairy 5
fairy 6
miser walking
lord walking
boy walking
boy with chest (various animations)
rosella caught by tree
mummy walking with glowing eyes
mummy walking with black eyes
fire in dwarfhouse
closet door opening in dwarfhouse
snake in swamp


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