New Christmas picture

Edgar & Rosella

I have added a fourth Christmas picture to my two last Christmas posts.


Then I decided that the picture is really beautiful and it is worth having its own post.

So Enjoy the new picture of Edgar & Rosella, this time they are in a more formal stance…

Edgar & Rosella
Edgar & Rosella

New Forums are up!

Hello everyone,


Our new forums are up!

Please check them out: our new forums

Our forums are now based on professional and robust code.

Please go there, post a thread or two and participate in our quest to give birth to the Perils of Rosella in 3D.




Christmas Present

Hi All,


I have posted the three wallpapers in a previous post, but I have posted them as gallery pictures.

This time I zipped the files into one Zip container which you can download, view the wallpapers using your favorite image viewer (microsoft’s built in one?) and then Set them as your desktop’s wallpaper.


So here is the link to the zip file containing the three wallpapers:
Three beautiful wallpapers of the royal family

Enjoy these wallpapers.

Happy Christmas,


Happy Christmas Everyone

Have a very happy Christmas, I am attaching the three photos our Paparazzi photographer has managed to take of the royal family of Daventry.




Moved the site to new servers

Hello all,


I am happy to announce that our site moved to a new server.

This server is much faster and robust.


Moving to a new server enables us to add new frameworks to our site like a new forum framework and more is to come.

If you find any glitch in the site (something we didn’t move correctly) then please contact us.


And as an added bonus I am presenting a beautiful photo our very talented graphic designer has managed to take of Edgar & Rosella stealing a kiss on a public Gazebo on Christmas – due to time differences between our world & Daventry we can see a photo taken on Christmas [For the tech geeks, the time difference is GMT-9 days].


Happy Christmas,


Rosella & Edgar stealing a kiss on a public Gazebo
Rosella & Edgar stealing a kiss on a public Gazebo



P.S. I have added some magical snow to the site…   enjoy.

Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption by the Quest for Glory designers Kickstarter project

Hello All,


We are in the process of remaking King’s Quest IV!

That doesn’t mean that we don’t have any other favorite games or hobbies.


One of those (and I am sure that at least our graphic designer will agree) is the Quest for Glory series.

Rogue To Redemption

The quest for glory series was so much fun and very unique as it mashed (very successfully) an RPG with a Quest.

The result was a highly addictive game (which then turned to five addictive games), these games had several unique features, I will write several of those:

  • Mashing of RPG into a quest
  • You could choose which character type you want to be: Mage, Fighter, Thief
  • You could do different things (had a slightly different story) according to the character you chose
  • You could continue with the exactly same character in the next game!!


I can say many good things about these series, but this is not the time nor the place.

I want today to recommend a new game which I didn’t play yet, this is a game which is still under development, so how can I recommend it?

I know the creators of the game: Corey and Lory Cole – This couple (married couple) have created the Quest for Glory series for Sierra back in the days, now they are back and want to create a new game: Hero-U Rogue to Redemption!

They don’t have any development money so they want to kickstart this new game using crowd funding – you can see it as a pre-sale which will enable the development of this game or you can see it as a donation for a great game to be created or just as an encouragement for these great developers which gave all of us tens of hours of entertainment.

As of now, this project is 68% funded (273k$ out of 400k$)

To get the game when it’s out you can fund 20$, unless you want some of the other goodies.

Please feel free to go to the Kickstarter and help them out by clicking on this line

Goodluck to the Coles from Daventry,


Welcome our Music Composer!

Hello All,


I am thrilled to welcome our Music Composer: Joshua.

Joshua is a very talented composer and has joined us in our quest to remake the Perils of Rosella.

I have asked Joshua to several paragraphs about himself so you will get to know him, as his music will accompany us during the game.

So without further a due, here is what he wrote:

I have been a composer since I was a young teen, at first obsessed
with electronic dance and industrial music. As I grew older I moved
into writing ambient music, and then about 5 years ago starting
learning about orchestral composition. I am hoping to eventually
have a career in movie scoring. Aside from the KQ4 remake, I am
also working on the score for an independent short film being made here in Canada.

I have been a fan of Sierra & LucusArts games since I was a kid,
and have loved them ever since. I have played just about all of
them including the remakes. I'm very excited to be participating in this remake.

A song I recently composed can be found here:

More of my compositions can be found at:
JBH Studios
Although the site is badly in need of a major overhaul. Hoping to
get to that before the end of the year.


Playable Demo of King’s Quest IV – The Perils of Rosella is on its way

Huge Surprise to all of the fans of the game…


Our programmers are working very hard day and night on the game and a lot of progress has been done, unfortunately, the progress mostly remains behind the scenes and our fans don’t feel it.


Not any more!

We have come up with a portion of the game which you will be able to download and play – yep, a fully playable demo (small portion) of the game which will give you a taste of what we have in store.


So stay tuned to the site, sign yourself up or (and) register yourself with our RSS feed, and don’t miss the coming playable demo.


We will release the demo as soon as it’s ready and it won’t take much longer (just finalizing some details).





P.S. Although I call it a demo, it will present the player with all functionality of the full game (just less screens of course).

P.P.S Although I call it a demo, the full game will also be shared for free to all fans.

King’s Quests Remakes status

Hi All,

The King’s Quest series were great games which we all remember fondly, but they have aged and many aspects of them are outdated.

Hence – Remakes.

The first to boldly go where none have gone before were AGD Interactive, remaking King’s quest 1 & Kings Quest 2 and the newly remade King’s quest 3.

During those years Infamous adventures have gone on the quest to remake King’s Quest 3, and in 2006 have successfully fulfilled their mission, while promising at the beginning of this year to release a new gold edition with improved graphics.

They are currently in production of a game they call “Kingdom of Sorrow” which will take place somewhere in Daventry.


Yes, that makes two remakes of king’s quest 3…


Which leaves us with a remake to King’s Quest IV – The Perils of Rosella.

What is the status of KQ4 remake – on that and other things on our next posts.