Playable Demo of King’s Quest IV – The Perils of Rosella is on its way

Huge Surprise to all of the fans of the game…


Our programmers are working very hard day and night on the game and a lot of progress has been done, unfortunately, the progress mostly remains behind the scenes and our fans don’t feel it.


Not any more!

We have come up with a portion of the game which you will be able to download and play – yep, a fully playable demo (small portion) of the game which will give you a taste of what we have in store.


So stay tuned to the site, sign yourself up or (and) register yourself with our RSS feed, and don’t miss the coming playable demo.


We will release the demo as soon as it’s ready and it won’t take much longer (just finalizing some details).





P.S. Although I call it a demo, it will present the player with all functionality of the full game (just less screens of course).

P.P.S Although I call it a demo, the full game will also be shared for free to all fans.

King’s Quests Remakes status

Hi All,

The King’s Quest series were great games which we all remember fondly, but they have aged and many aspects of them are outdated.

Hence – Remakes.

The first to boldly go where none have gone before were AGD Interactive, remaking King’s quest 1 & Kings Quest 2 and the newly remade King’s quest 3.

During those years Infamous adventures have gone on the quest to remake King’s Quest 3, and in 2006 have successfully fulfilled their mission, while promising at the beginning of this year to release a new gold edition with improved graphics.

They are currently in production of a game they call “Kingdom of Sorrow” which will take place somewhere in Daventry.


Yes, that makes two remakes of king’s quest 3…


Which leaves us with a remake to King’s Quest IV – The Perils of Rosella.

What is the status of KQ4 remake – on that and other things on our next posts.



Site updates

Hi All,

Thought to throw a small update

As you may have noticed, we have updated our site’s theme using the help and generosity of Lost Sheep Network which as fans of the king’s quest series offered to theme our site for free.


Big Kudos to them and feel free to buy from them a wordpress template, our site is a live example for their skill.


We are planning a totally new forum framework based on myBB, so stay tuned.


As for the important news – our programmers are hard on work and they plan to throw a small surprise for you all  🙂

So just continue following us and stay tuned – you won’t be disappointed!


have a nice weekend,


Many Site changes

Hi All,

I have changed our forums framework (from simple::press to bbPress) which is a long term improvements.

I have changed our basic gallery to a flash based one – please check it out.


Many other minor site tweaks took place over the last couple of days (check the “about” page for instance).


Enjoy the site,

There is much more to come,


In Game gallery

I am sorry but due to the latest wordpress update, the picture galley doesn’t work as it should.


I hope to fix it as soon as possible.


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Hello Daventry

Hello all and thanks for coming to my new site.


Just wanted to let you know that my site is up and running, and that more importantly – my remake is in progress.


And not just a remake – I am being remade in 3D, so all of you folks could really see me. That’s the reason mom, the queen, has written me a strict diet, so I’ll look cool and slim in 3D  😉


Anyway, look around, feel free to send me comments and emails, and we will keep in touch.





Perils of Rosella Remake