Playable Demo v1.1 Released

Hi all,


We have released a new version of the demo.

This new release is a bug fix release (Thank you Mike & Zora for reporting this bug), which fixes a strange bug where some of the buttons were disabled during the game at some point and Rosella couldn’t use the hand icon etc.


If the previous version works for you then you can stay with it.

But if you are a true fan and you want a more complete and bug free version then by all means – download this version:
Perils of Rosella 3D Remake Demo (35409 downloads)

The Playable Demo is Here!

Hello all,


Yes, the demo was completed, passed alpha & beta testers and is now ready to be released to all of you fans.


I won’t say much, not much is needed to say – see for yourselves.


It is gorgeous, beautiful, 3D, fully playable, with new music, new sound effects, new easter eggs :-), new puzzles but the same good old King’s Quest IV – the Perils of Rosella.


So grab it, unzip, and begin playing.


If you find any bug or want to comment about anything we will be thrilled to hear from you in our forums.


Perils of Rosella 3D Remake Demo (1295 downloads)

Demo is nearly here – what holds us back?

I get emails asking me what is holding back the demo.


I truly understand the anticipation, but development takes time – especially when developing the first release of the game, there are so many small touches which our team polishes, adds, removes etc.

I do want to share good news though, but i won’t post a release date because we don’t want to disappoint any fan.


But the demo will arrive to it’s final glory in the near future.

What are our latest setbacks?

Well, we wanted the demo to happen on the island in the middle of the sea where Rosella should find … (Sorry, no spoilers here) so, we had to have several different sprites of Rosella – Walking Rosella, swimming Rosella etc and we found a glitch because the game engine expects all of the Rosella sprites to be the same size, but swimming Rosella is not as high a sprite as walking Rosella.


Another problem was that we wanted to have beautiful portraits of the talking characters, but it seems that our game engine has problems with alpha masks which means that there is a problem with making the portraits somewhat transparent – so we have to change that too.

We had also some debate about the whole scoring system – should the player get points for everything he does in the game or just for the quest developing actions?


Will the scoring method be the same for the full game and the demo?

What do you think?


These are only several small problems we encountered, we had many of them, but have managed to crack the big majority of them so stay tuned…

Demo game is almost ready

Hi Fans,


As you know, we plan on releasing a small section of the game as a fully playable “mini game”, it will be a sneak peak to the full game, so you will be able to see the graphics / music / puzzles which await you in the full game.

(Clarification – the game will be free for all)


So why isn’t the demo ready yet?

Well, it seems that when creating a fully playable section of the game you need to create the overhead for the whole game, what do I mean?

For example – in the demo there are some video sections, so we need to finalize the video format we will use in the game, the codec it will coded in and how to embed it in the code.

Another example – in the game we will have a “top bar” where one can point the mouse and the top bar pops out and lets you choose which action you want to do next (walk / talk / inventory etc), so in the demo game we need to finalize the top bar which will be used in the full game.

Another example – In the demo game Rosella walks, swims etc – so we need to create all the sprites for any action Rosella will do in the demo game – these sprites will be used in the full game also.


So, while creating this fully playable demo game we actually create a lot of stuff for the full game also. even if the demo game is only 5% of the game we actually work much more to create it than 5% of the overall work.


Anyway, the demo version was released to the Alpha testers already, returned with many bugs / features and will be soon released to the beta testers – this means that it is very close so stay tuned!


By the way, i am an Alpha tester so I can tell you that it looks amazing! and the demo game is a lot of fun (we have even included a nice Easter egg into it 🙂   )



Playable Demo of King’s Quest IV – The Perils of Rosella is on its way

Huge Surprise to all of the fans of the game…


Our programmers are working very hard day and night on the game and a lot of progress has been done, unfortunately, the progress mostly remains behind the scenes and our fans don’t feel it.


Not any more!

We have come up with a portion of the game which you will be able to download and play – yep, a fully playable demo (small portion) of the game which will give you a taste of what we have in store.


So stay tuned to the site, sign yourself up or (and) register yourself with our RSS feed, and don’t miss the coming playable demo.


We will release the demo as soon as it’s ready and it won’t take much longer (just finalizing some details).





P.S. Although I call it a demo, it will present the player with all functionality of the full game (just less screens of course).

P.P.S Although I call it a demo, the full game will also be shared for free to all fans.

Perils of Rosella Remake